Who is Max Keiser?

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Who is Max Keiser?

Post by Meconomy153 » Fri Jan 02, 2015 8:12 pm

Max Keiser the is a London-based New York native. He has long been a financial journalist. He currently hosts Keiser Report on Russian state-owned network RT, and Iranian Press TV’s On the Edge. Keiser is a high profile financial reporter who has millions of viewers and supporters around the world.

He has also produced TV shows for BBC World News and Al-Jazeera English. A well-known Bitcoin advocate, he currently writes for the Huffington Post and updates prolifically on his Twitter account.

In his outspoken promotion of all things Bitcoin and digital currency-related, Keiser has gained many fans in the community.

If elected mayor of London, he says, he would base the city’s entire economy on Bitcoin and he has often promoted a strong anti-bank sentiment. Similarly, Bitcoin is a frequent topic on Keiser’s own website, which features upwards of 20 posts on Bitcoin at a time.

Given his strong stance, Keiser is often criticized as a provocateur.

Maxcoin developers are inspired by Max Keiser to create this coin. Keiser is a huge cryptocurrency advocate and while he does not have a technical role in the development of the coin he is still an invaluable asset to the Maxcoin ecosystem. Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert tweet about Maxcoin quite frequently.

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