Is there any bull case for Atossa Therapeutics?

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Is there any bull case for Atossa Therapeutics?

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I purchased ATOS stock in June 2021. I spent a lot of money. Suddenly the price moved south and I've lost a lot of money! I've lost 70 percent so far, which isn't fun at all. Is there any bull case for Atossa Therapeutics?
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Re: Is there any bull case for Atossa Therapeutics?

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The company is trading around $2 right now. The company's market cap is only about $250 million. You could probably get the shares for much less if you sell put options. The decline in the stock has been very steep. It touched almost $10 per share in June. Now, it's down to under $2 per share. This is not good for shareholders.

But, it may be an opportunity for investors who are looking to make money on the long run. The company has at least one promising drug in its pipeline. If the treatment for breast cancer gets approved by regulators, it will be able to generate revenue from sales of this product.

You should understand that this is a risky investment. Investors should always be aware of the risks involved with investing in biotech stocks. It is possible that they don't get approved. But, if they do get approved, then they can start generating big revenue.

There is a big demand for better breast cancer treatment. There are many women suffering from breast cancer. The treatments are expensive. Many people cannot afford them. So, if these treatments become available at affordable prices, then ATOS will makes money for investors and will make the world a better place.

So, you have to do your research before deciding whether to keep your more money invested into ATOS.
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