Has WISH hit bottom?

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Has WISH hit bottom?

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WISH is trading around $3.30. Do you think Wish has hit its bottom? The stock is down more than 85% from its IPO, and it's trading at a price-to-sales ratio of just 2 times sales while they don't spend money on ads. At this level, the company would have to find a way to make profit. Almost all retailers make money, so why not WISH?
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Re: Has WISH hit bottom?

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I love WISH. They sells everything for affordable prices. They sell clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, electronics, toys, home goods, etc. I'm sure there are people who buy these items because they need or want them.

As long as management knows what’s going on, then they will be able to figure out ways to improve their business by increasing the fees for merchants, reducing costs, and increasing profits. This is how Amazon made its first profit. They made billions of dollars selling their products for profit. If other companies can make money without difficulty, then why not WISH?

WISH is one of those stocks where people are willing to pay up because they believe the company can turn things around. It may take some time before the company finds a way to make money. But if they succeed, then investors will reap huge rewards.
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