DWAC stock price forecast after $1 billion PIPE deal

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DWAC stock price forecast after $1 billion PIPE deal

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A $1 billion PIPE deal has been announced Saturday, which will likely lead to a significant increase in the Digital World Acquisition Corp stock price. The company has been on an upswing since the announcement of the merger with TMTG and is currently trading at a market cap of $1.7 billion while Facebook is at 850 billion and Twitter at 33 billion.

What is your price target for DWAC?
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Re: DWAC stock price forecast after $1 billion PIPE deal

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Twitter banned number 45 from its platform for violating its rules. But some groups from Afghanistan are allowed to post anything on twitter. So something is wrong with this approach.

I believe there is significant upside. The primary focus is to build a leading global social content distribution platform that is both scalable and profitable. Trumps strategy is to use the support of his voters to leverage across multiple digital markets and fight big tech. People want to invest in his company to support freedom of speech and generate money over the next few years. This can be achieved through strategic investments in technology, content creation, marketing and distribution capabilities. 
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