Wing clipping pf parrot, do or don’t?

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Wing clipping pf parrot, do or don’t?

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It is a difficult choice to decide whether you let a parrot trim or not. There are pros and cons and arguments for and against. By wing clipping the flight feathers are cut making it much more difficult for the bird to fly. This can happen with an ordinary kitchen scissors. It is of course important that you know what wings you have to cut and make sure that you have do not cut through wings that should not be cut. You can best leave the wing clipping to someone with experience. The bird will be walking and climbing, instead of flying. The bird is often still able to fly somewhat, depending on how the feathers are clipped.

Arguments for wing clipping
1 . It is safer for the bird. The bird can’t fly in the house, the bird can also not fly against a window, lamp, or in a hot pan during cooking. Also, you can just put a window or door open without worrying that the bird flies away. In addition there is a lot of food which is toxic to the parrot, with a clipped bird some chocolates on the table can not hurt.

2. Birds are more manageable when their wings are clipped. They are simply more dependent of the attendant. Taming a bird with clipped wings is a lot easier than taming a bird without clipped wings. Especially with aggressive or dominant birds it is a good idea to trim them. This contributes to the education.

3. A clipped bird can go out without you being scared that the bird will fly awat. There a lot of birds flying away. These birds are so used indoors they can not live outside. They will often die during such a flight.

4. Wing clipping is also safer for your home. A parrot with wings clipped can demolish much less. Take for example the couch. A parrot that is clipped, you can hear walking and the bird won’t be able to move as fast.

Arguments against wing clipping
1. A bird with all its feathers simply looks more beautiful.

2. After the clipping, irritation may occur. However, this problem is rare.

3. A bird is supposed to fly, it can now no longer flee from danger. This is of course an oral argument. But birds who are kept in the house do not need to flee from danger. In addition, this can be easily noted that a bird is not supposed to be kept indoors. Just as a dog or a cat.

4. The wing clipping needs to be repeated more frequently. The effect of a trim is only temporary. Over time, the bird moulting and will get the new feathers. As a result, it will again be possible for the bird to fly. Make sure that you clip the wings again after moulting.

Does trimming hurt?
Of curtailing the bird feels nothing. It is similar to the cutting of nails or hair in humans.

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