Euro has no future. Maxcoin does!

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Euro has no future. Maxcoin does!

Post by Meconomy153 » Sun May 03, 2015 4:33 pm

Frustration grows among the citizens of Europe. The newspapers in countries as Germany, France and the Netherlands are a signal that the euro is not very popular in these countries. The collapse of the euro will be soon and can be due to differences in interest of the member states and their failing attempts to close real deals. Maxcoin is the solution for people to protect their wealth.

The political chaos in Europe can eventually lead to the collapse of the euro. A greater role for the ECB, Eurobonds or the magnification of the emergency fund can't be the solutions. And if they are the solution, they are opposed by some member states. Each member state has their own interests. The highest attainable are vague compromises where every government leader can go home with their head held high. With vague compromises they can defend Europe in their country. Real decisions can’t be made because there is no solution.

The interests of the three big countries are in every imaginable deal too far apart from each other. Deals that can be done are too vague, too little bold, to have a real impact. And without a good deal, Europe won’t last long. More and more European countries will need financial support. And the countries who do not need financial support, will eventually stop paying for others.

The European dream will never exist. All we have is a shaky edifice of many different types of vague agreements. This is the reason why more people embrace Maxcoin. They only want to protect their wealth.

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