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Maxcoin most promising of all altcoins

Posted: Sun May 03, 2015 4:17 pm
by Meconomy153
In the early days of Bitcoin, there was no end to the supply of trolls spreading nonsense. They managed to talk a lot of holders out of their positions by spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt. The same people are out in force talking down Maxcoin for the same reason: they have sold out, and want you to sell them their coins back at a much lower price.

Maxcoin is far from dead. In fact, it may be the most promising of all the altcoins because it brings a real innovation to the table. It is not just a clone of existing technology like so many other crapcoins. It's faster, more secure, more efficient to mine, and is more fairly distributed at this point than any other coin that the world knows of and it is one of the most traded altcoins in the marketplace. So the future is bright for Maxcoin. Do not believe it when bears with underhanded motives try to convince you otherwise.

Price keep falling?
If anyone thinks the price of this coin is going to keep falling from here, you need a reality check. The price floor for any commodity (virtual or otherwise) is essentially the cost of production. If miners cannot sell for more than it costs them to produce, they will not sell. Or if they do, they are dumb, and will have to stop mining it eventually due to the losses incurred. This is not a coin to mine and dump right now, because we are either very close to or indeed already under (for the majority of people) the cost of production here.