14 reasons why Maxcoin is better than all other currencies

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14 reasons why Maxcoin is better than all other currencies

Post by Meconomy153 » Sun May 03, 2015 3:54 pm

Why Maxcoin is better than all other currencies needs little words. In this article you will find numerous reasons why!

1. The elimination of unwanted middlemen allows performing operations not only simpler and faster, but it also offers more privacy. Keeping Maxcoins is free and easy , without having to seek refuge in a third party.

2. An increasingly slower and also perfectly predictable increase in the money supply of Maxcoin ensures that those who use the coin, will retain its purchasing value. More likely, they will see the value of Macoin rising!

3. The high transaction costs of our current system (like PayPal) represent a real obstacle to the free market, Maxcoin transactions are very cheap or even totally free.

4. You Maxcoinaddress is perfectly anonymous.

5. Geographical or political barriers do not affect the operation of Maxcoin. Transactions are always and everywhere possible.

6. Maxcoin is transparent: without anyone having to reveal his identity, all transactions are accurately recorded and kept in a freely accessible log.

7. Maxcoin has no office hours: no holiday or weekend can delay or stop transactions.

8. Balances in Maxcoin can never be frozen.

9. The unintended cancellation of transactions is impossible.

10. With Maxcoin you can make a fortune in a short time.

11. Maxcoins can be stored simultaneously in several places.

12. The value of Maxcoin does not depend on the confidence in the third person or in a predetermined legal system.

13. Maxcoins can be impossible to forge and are therefore easily and immediately identifiable.

14. Last but not least: Maxcoin transfers are essentially instantaneous. Other cryptocurrency transfer confirmations (like Bitcoin) can take from 10 minutes up to days.

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