Maxcoin will replace Bitcoin and dollar

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Maxcoin will replace Bitcoin and dollar

Post by Meconomy153 » Sun May 03, 2015 1:47 pm

Today is a dollar bill backed by nothing but the U.S. government. The government can devalue the dollar at any time and one day the dollar may disappear all together. This is why you shouldn’t believe in dollars, or euro or yen or any other government currency. Maxcoin is the future, better than Bitcoin and lightning fast. Bitcoin transactions takes up to ten minutes while a maxcoin is sent in an average of 60 seconds.

Maxcoin is every bit as attractive as gold and silver — and perhaps more so. It isn’t controlled by any single central authority, and supply of the digital currency is limited. Maxcoin is controlled by thousands of individual machines stretched across the globe, and the cleverly designed software that runs atop these machines, driving the digital currency, will one day stop making new maxcoins. Yes, this software can be changed, but not without approval from a majority of those using it. Ultimately, this means no one can artificially reduce the currency’s value. Maxcoins will always be worth what the people say they’re worth.

It is always the government paper fiat money that gets corrupted throughout history. Maxcoin is not just a new digital currency. It is actually about liberty and is part of the free world.

Maxcoin is developed by Luke Mitchell and Jordan Fish, students of Bristol University. They are inspired by Max Keiser the Great. Keiser is a financial journalist and a outspoken promotor of Bitcoin and Maxcoin. He has often promoted a strong anti-bank sentiment.

Maxcoin is even more attractive than silver and gold because, as a completely digital currency, it’s capable of things that currencies are not. The possibilities are almost endless:
- it’s about independence from federal currencies;
- it’s a way of avoiding the hefty fees laid down by banks and credit card companies;
- it’s also a way of understanding who’s spending money and why, thanks to the very public way the system records transactions
- it’s a technological marvel that makes such clever use of digital cryptography
- it’s a simple means of investment, a bet on the future of money;
- it's lightning fast, much faster than Bitcoin;
- and, in some cases, it’s just a convenience, a way of spending money without paper bills or checks or even credit cards.

If you own some maxcoins, what you really own is a private ‘cryptographic key,’ something that gives you — and only you — the right to spend those maxcoins, to send them to someone else. If you own some maxcoins, what you really own is long sequence of numbers and letters. These numbers and letters are otherwise known as a private “cryptographic key,” something that gives you — and only you — the right to spend those maxcoins, to send them to someone else.

This key is much like the private keys used to encrypt email messages and other transmissions sent across the net. With it, you can transfer maxcoins to someone else. Or you can move your maxcoins into an online exchange, where you can trade them for bitcoins, dollars or yen or other common currencies.

It’s as simple as that. But the results of this setup are myriad. It means you can store and send money that’s outside government control. And it means people like you can move money from the UK to Japan without paying massive bank fees.

The digital currency Maxcoin is young, and its price is volatile. Maxcoins’s value has been on a steep rise for the past days, and just today, the value of a single maxcoin rose 100%. Yes, the bottom could just as easily drop out of the Maxcoin market, and because there’s no central authority, its volatility is unchecked.

It is not late too embrace Maxcoin, this digital currency will change your life.

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