Why Maxcoin?

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Why Maxcoin?

Post by KCS » Mon Feb 08, 2016 5:23 pm

Joshua wrote:There is a lot of uncertainty about of Bitcoin, so many turn to the altcoin market to diversity their crypto holdings, only to find more uncertainty. CoinMarketCap lists over 500 coins, and there are probably more. In this brief post, I offer Maxcoin’s qualifications as a worthy investment and trade currency.

Maxcoin has a dedicated, skilled, and cognizant foundation team that understands both the economics and politics of cryptocurrency. Crypto is not just a faster and cheaper payment method and a more secure store of value, it’s about decentralizing the use of currency by removing it from the establishment’s monopoly. Cryptocurrency allows you to buy and sell and give and save apart from state and bank run spy grids and theft rings. Because you own your coins which are transacted with high cryptography on a decentralized public blockchain, there are no extortionate fees, bank runs, frozen accounts, bailouts, or financial surveillance. The Maxcoin team understands the importance of using your coins in privacy and with security.

Our team members also have a various skill from their professional backgrounds in system administration, programming, web design, technical writing, project management, quality assurance, market trading, and others. More important is their enthusiastic entrepreneurship and dedication to expanding and enriching the Maxcoin ecosystem. Our team members spend countless unpaid hours of planning and building for Maxcoin.

We believe Maxcoin has basic advantages that distinguish it from other altcoins. Here are a few:

- Stronger encryption (SHA3), faster transactions (1 minute block time), low inflation (16 coins per block)
- Budding Maxcoin Foundation with a roadmap to self-sustainability
- A one-of-a-kind Maxcoin Bounty Program that allows you to anonymously and immediately donate MAX and BTC to crowdsource the development of Maxcoin’s critical infrastructure and ecosystem

Markets and Services
- Listed on 7 exchanges including Cryptsy, Bittrex, Bittylicious, and BTER with 4 currency pairs
- Revolutionary Cryptobullion (startjoin.com/maxcoinbullion) that will soon be available from selected bullion dealers.
- Maxcoin can be spent anywhere Bitcoin is accepted through Coingateway
- Buy over 150 gift cards with Maxcoin
- Maxcoin Gambling
- Integration into multicurrency wallet

Community and Exposure
- Exposure to over 9,000 followers on twitter, more than Ripple, Darkcoin, NXT and many others with more market cap.
- Maxcoin Forums and chat
- Other communication channels available at Facebook and Bitcointalk

This list of distinguishing characteristics doesn’t change the market price overnight. Like many coins, Maxcoin has seen its share of malicious miners, speculative day traders, and committed internet trolls. These people are either jealous of the above points or simply foolish and enjoy throwing away treasure. Yes, we are biased, but we genuinely think that Maxcoin is a bargain wonder coin. On the markets, it is at historic lows. But objectively, given its present facts and future goals, Maxcoin is at historic highs.

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Re: Why Maxcoin?

Post by JJC » Thu Aug 04, 2016 10:05 am

So - what is the conclusion from this post "Why Maxcoin" ? I know that you mention some advantages that distinguish Maxcoin from other altcoins, however I need more info of why we should welcome Maxcoin, rather than sticking to Bitcoin? :?:

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