Real Money, New Economy and CryptoCrowdfunding

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Real Money, New Economy and CryptoCrowdfunding

Post by MaxcoinBeliever » Sun Jan 18, 2015 11:29 pm

The world is about to go through a transformation, an awakening, a realisation on a grand scale that our whole financial world is made of lies and propoganda. When this awakening starts to accelerate there will be no way to stop our entire world economic system crossing the event horizon, although we may have already crossed it some time ago. Just as you experience an acceleration when being sucked into a black hole, we will experience the same acceleration towards the end of fiat money. While the consequences of this would be devastating it is enivenatble and necessary.

The money we use is a fraudulent token of wealth. It has no real value and in fact it is "pure debt". Sound money throughout history has always been backed by something of real value, a store of wealth. Historically this has been gold (and silver). It has been the only resource of sufficient rarity and beauty that truly represents someone's net worth and best of all is "pure credit". Gold will always have a place as real money, and this will become more obvious as the months and years pass. Now there is a competitor to gold and it is based on the language of the universe (mathematics) as well as super strong encryption secured on a decentralised ledger. It requires the consensus of the network participants and allows the user to self authenticate by use of highly secure private keys. No server, no government, free market, store of value and "pure credit" (just like gold).

I am of course talking about cryptocurrency. Bitcoin, Maxcoin and StartCOIN are 3 examples of cryptocurrency with enormous potential to join gold as debt free, pure credit based money. WHEN (not if) my predictions come to pass, anyone with exposure to precious metals and cryptocurrency will fair very well in comparison to someone who is totally unprepared for a return to sound money. Physical gold and silver that you hold in your hand is the obvious sure bet, so diversify accordingly.

There will also be a change in the way banking and investment is done in the near future as everyone begins to wake up. It is for this reason I want to draw attention to the world of Crowdfunding and the potential it has to reinvent the entire world of finance, where everyone gets an equal chance to share in the success of very lucrative business ventures. At this point the banks seem to be operating normally, but getting a loan may be more difficult than you think if you want to start a business and keep your local economy growing. This is only going to get worse as banks tighten up on lending. And this is where the world of Crowdfunding can step up to support these budding enterprises where the banks can't. And if fiat money gets harder to come by, cryptocurrency can fill the void.

Crowdfunding is growing very fast and is in itself still in the early stages where small investments can be made that have massive potential. Crowdfunding in an open market fair system is the future of banking itself. Simon Dixon knows this and aptly named his company where you can take a stake in a startup in exchange for pledging towards their startup capital. You are offered shares in a company that you choose to support from as little as £10. With this come obvious risks. You can lose it all and be left with nothing, but you get to choose the company and you are provided with all the information you need to do research on the owners and the business proposition.

Since these companies are start ups you can take a larger stake than would be possible if the company was already established. This puts you on the chair in the dragons den (TV show) and you become a real life Angel Investor. Some of these companies will inevitably fail, and some will succeed. But with the correct research into the companies you could even become an early investor in a business that one day gets an IPO. The business proposals are there, all you need to do is look and you could maybe spot the next big computer Tech company, or the next big player in the world of finance. But as always a diversified portfolio is essential and always invest in companies you have done your research in.

Another Crowdfunding platform with massive potential is where funds are raised for all sorts of ventures. From political campaigns to cryptocurrency funding. StartJOIN is there to accept donations on behalf of projects and pass on the funding when it reaches it's target. StartJOIN is mainly operating in the space of charitable donations where only small tokens of gratitude are given to those who pledge to a project. Considering that most projects have little or no actual reward it is astounding the amount of support these projects get, simply because of the promise to make something better for everyone. This is a great example for the potential of the CryptoCrowdfunding sector. When more StartJOIN startups offer equity as rewards for pledging it will only become more popular and more lucrative. Investments will soar.

What makes StartJOIN really interesting is the inclusion of its own cryptocurrency, StartCOIN. With ever increasing interest in cryptocurrency and the addition of many services and features StartJOIN is sure to offer the best potential for long term survival. With this in mind StartCOIN is soon to be accepted on allowing for an expanded use of services and helping to insure it's long term survival too.

Another interesting development in the cryptoCrowdfunding world is Maxcoin. With the formation of the Maxcoin Foundation and the development of a bounty program. Maxcoin is now poised to enter the realm of cryptoCrowdfunding. Funds are raised from many sources including foundation members, the bounty program and Crowdfunding platforms like StartJOIN. What makes this more interesting is that all the funds raised are pledged towards the development of Maxcoin itself. The person who wants to invest in Maxcoin can boost the effectiveness of their investment by donating to the bounty program directly or through fund raisers that accept PayPal pledges on StartJOIN.

Donating to the bounty projects on or Maxcoin Foundation projects on will allow for the development of services and the development of Maxcoin. Through this process the community can increase the usefulness and long term value of Maxcoin.

Still in their early stages, it is already possible to see how this can become a self sustainable loop of investment, returns, more investment, more returns. And it is no wonder that Crowdfunding is growing year over year. The earlier you research and invest in these emerging global markets the more chance you have of holding a stake in potentially a big winner in the years to come.

These platforms will evolve to become more useful and will eventually offer similar services to one another, it's only evolution, it's only a matter of time. Cryptocurrency will become more useful as time goes on and it always has the fundamentals of sound money in its rarity and fungability. And ofcourse physical Gold and Silver will be the guaranteed winner to stand the test of time as it always has. It's time to rethink investment, it's time to rethink money, because time; is all it will take!

Investments can be made for small change. Silver 1oz bullion coins for around £15, maxcoins for half a penny each and StartCOINs for a penny, who can't afford to take a slice of the future financial system?

The world of finance is my hobby, not my job. I do not recommend you take action based on views or opinions expressed in any of my articles. If you do want to invest in any sector I can give you two bits of advice that I have learned over the years. Invest only what you can afford to lose, because there is a good chance you will lose. And diversify in your researched investments so that winners outperform your losers. Before making any investments always consult a trained douchebag, sorry, professional.


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