Will you get fat if you eat before bed?

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Will you get fat if you eat before bed?

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A common diet advice is that it's better not to eat after eight o'clock in the evening. Before bedtime most of the time people will eat something easy like toast with cheese, crisps, cookies, candy or nuts. These unhealthy snacks are above all eaten quickly and mindlessly without really tasting and enjoying. How many times have you mindlessly eaten an entire bag of crisps only to realize that the whole bag is finished within a couple of minutes, before the end of the movie? Often this evening snack is also accompanied by alcohol, which also contain lots of empty calories.

For most people, it is indeed a wise idea to consider not eating before sleeping. It is no problem to just eat something healthy if you are hungry. Take a bowl of fruit or a low-fat yogurt. It goes wrong when you start mindlessly snacking many empty calories. Make sure that there is always plenty of healthy snacks in the house to be able to have something tasty to snack on. The metabolism works 24 hours a day and the time you eat your calories is not important. What matters is that you don't eat more then the amount of calories you need.

You will not gain weight from eating in the evening, the problem is what you are eating during the evening. Evening snacks usually contain a lot of calories and aren't healthy. Instead of high calorie snacks, you can eat something healthy.

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Re: Will you get fat if you eat before bed?

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I guess it all depends on the food type. If we are eating heavy foods like junk foods and similar food it will definitely make you fat especially your belly. :lol:

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