Gelatin can't be eaten by those who don't eat meat

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Gelatin can't be eaten by those who don't eat meat

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Gelatin is a protein obtained from animal connective tissue. The gelatin is obtained from the skin, bones and cartilage of mammals after leaving them in the water for a long period of time. Most of the gelatin is derived from pigs. However, it can also also be derived from connective tissue of other animals such as cattle and calves. Gelatin may also be derived from fish. Gelatin can be found in food, in photographic materials, cosmetics and many medications. You can find gelatin under the e-number E-441 on the package, by the name gelatin or a synonym colloidal protein.

Not suitable in a vegetarian diet or for religious persons like Muslims and Jews
The animal origin gelatin is not allowed in a vegetarian diet. Also, people with a particular religion need to be careful with gelatin. The gelatin is indeed obtained from animals who are not halal slaughtered. In most cases, it is also gelatin derived from pigs, Muslims may thus not eat food that contains gelatine.

Which products contain gelatin?
You can find gelatin in many desserts and sweets. Also in lots of candy, margarine, fruit juice, wine and beer it may occur. Meat also sometimes contains gelatin. For example, a beef croquette may contain porcine gelatin. Gelatin is found in most types of pudding and chocolate mousse. When you buy sweets or desserts it is always wise to take a look whether it contains gelatin on the packaging.

Many medications have gelatin. The gelatin can be fount, not in the medicine itself, but in the capsule. If you want to avoid gelatin it is wise to ask if the medicine are suitable for vegetarians. There is a vegetarian version of a lot of medications available.

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