Is exercising every day healthy or not?

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Is exercising every day healthy or not?

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The standard indicates that we need to exercise at least 30 minutes, every day. This includes walking and cycling. It should be easy, considering there are 24 hours in a day. A person spends an average of eight hours of sleeping a day. That means that there is still about 16 hours which can be used to exercise. But is a daily visit to the gym a good idea? Don't the muscles have to heal before exercising again?

Muscle pain
Muscle pain is caused by tiny cracks in the connective tissue of the muscle and the muscle cells. The recovery of these cracks leads to thicker muscle fibers. This process takes about 24 to 48 hours. However, this is no reason to not exercise in this period of time.

Research has shown that a slight amount of effort is best to avoid muscle soreness and to get rid of it soon as possible. Movement stimulates blood circulation so that the wastes that cause muscle pain can be discharged faster! So by exercising every day muscle pain will disappear more quickly! Sporting every day will probably have the advantage that you will have less muscle pain. Of course you should be doing different exercises instead of the same ones every day. You should give the muscles which you used the previous day the next day a little less effort.

Exercising every day is good for the body. It is advisable to do different kinds of exercising. So you won't end up doing the same every day. Alternating cardio with strength training and train different muscle groups every day. For example, put the focus one day on your lower body, and the next day on your upper body.

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Re: Is exercising every day healthy or not?

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Thanks for explaining the benefits of exercise in such a wonderful way.

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Re: Is exercising every day healthy or not?

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Exercising is always good for your health. It can make your body healthy and prevent you from the attack of diseases. Always exercise with interest, else, it wont have any result.

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Re: Is exercising every day healthy or not?

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Hmm, this is similar to a case I've heard recently. I don't remember the exact source but basically it said that a person has a limited amount of heartbeat. No matter how strong that person is, that person will highly get serious heart problem when that heartbeat limit is passed. Ironically, working out, exercising tend to increase the heartbeat, which leads to quicker death.
... So I guess I have to think again about exercising before rushing into working out like crazy.

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