Five biggest diet myths

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Five biggest diet myths

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Many people are trying to lose weight. There are a lot of myths in the world. The most of them can be referred to the land of fantasy with common sense. Yet it appears that many people believe in the many myths circulating. Do you believe that fat is the enemy? Or that everything you eat after 20:00 lands directly on your thighs because your body does not burn calories anymore? Then read this article with the five biggest diet myths!

Myth 1: eating after 20:00 will make you fat
Your body consumes calories 24 hours a day and keeps your metabolism going 24 hours a day. When you eat and how many times you eat, doesn't matter. Who eats more than the body consumes will gain weight. Who eat less than the body uses, will lose weight.

It is true that many people eat unhealthy in the evening. For example a bag of chips during a movie or white baguette. This kind of food contains a lot of calories. Thus, you can quickly eat more than you need and then you will gain weight. So you will not get fat from eating after eight o'clock, you will get fat by what you eat after eight o'clock.

Myth 2: fat food will make you fat
The right fats are very healthy and also indispensable for human beings. Fats that you can better avoid are saturated fats and trans fats. Unsaturated fats are actually very healthy. These fats can be found for example in nuts and avocados. Research has shown that eating unsaturated fats will make you lose weight!

Myth 3: heavy bones
"I'm not overweight, I'm just big-boned" is a typical excuse for people who are overweight. It's true that your physique can have an influence on your weight. But bones weigh about the same for everyone. However, taller people may have a slightly heavier bone mass. The difference in bone mass between persons van be up to 6 pounds. If you have a healthy BMI, then you have a healthy weight. When you are overweight, it is not because you have heavy bones. The bone mass is taken into account in the broad margin of a healthy BMI (between 18.5 and 25).

Myth 4: bananas makes you fat
Many people think that bananas are unhealthy and fattening. Partly because they contain much sugar in comparison to other fruits. But bananas contain around 100 calories per 100 grams and are full of vitamins and minerals. Bananas contain no fat and a lot of fiber.

It is also often thought that banana creates constipation. This too is wrong. Bananas contain a large amount of fiber that promote bowel movements. In addition, it is important to drink enough. If not, then eating bananas indeed lead to constipation. Bananas are a healthy and easy snack!

Myth 5: chocolate is unhealthy
Chocolate is a very healthy antioxidant. Milk chocolate, however, contains more sugar than real chocolate which makes it unhealthy. If you choose a variant of chocolate with more than 72% cocoa, this is indeed healthy. Then you can enjoy undisturbed without feeling guilty. The amount of calories in chocolate will however, make you fat if you eat to much of it!

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