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About Weight Watchers

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Nowadays everyone heard about the Weight Watchers diet. Meanwhile, the company has released two successful formulas which are followed by millions. The internet is flooded with success stories of people who finally succeeded to lose weight. This article discusses the Weight Watchers diet.

Weight Watchers is, unlike most other diets, not about counting calories. Instead of counting calories, you will have to count points. In order to know how many points the food contains, a small list can be purchased in different places. The lists are also available online. The downside of this is that specific products do not appear on the shopping lists. Fortunately, one can also buy a calculator for Weight Watchers so that one can calculate the points for every product. This calculator can also be found online. However, experience shows that the points in this calculator and the items mentioned in the messages list do not match exactly.

Unfortunately, you don't just need the shopping list, it is expected that people who follow the Weight Watchers diet go to a place every week to report how their week has been going. This weekly courses are not for free. One must pay until one is on their target weight. After that, the course can be attended for free. For people who do not like to discuss or share their weight in real life with other people this diet is not suitable. On the other hand, this weekly contact could be a good motivation. One may try without following the courses.

During the Weight Watchers diet, one may use some products unlimited food for a certain number of points. Most fruits and vegetables may be eaten for 0 points. This if often criticised because fruit contains a lot of natural sugars. This fruit sugar is easily converted into fat. Moreover, sugar ensures that one gets more craving. With exercising you can earn more points to eat. But if you wanna lose weight faster, you shouldn't eat these exercise points. The aim is a weight loss of 1 kilo a week but this is entirely dependent on your personal circumstances.

Two different programs
Flexi Points program itself is now no longer supported by Weight Watchers. The new program, called Pro Points, is based on the ratio of carbohydrates, fats and proteins in food. For example, many foods that contain lots of protein you can eat for a certain amount of points unlimited. Furthermore, the ProPoints program has an extra weekly amount of points. These weekpoints can be eaten in the week, on the day you want. One can also choose to only eat the daily points and to not use the weekpoints. You will lose weight faster if you don't eat your weekly points.

Advantage of the enormous success of Weight Watchers is that almost all information is available on the internet. Also, people who follow this diet can easily find support on the Internet and share their experiences.

Do you have an experience with Weight Watchers? Please do not hesitate to respond.

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