Running, the ideal exercise?

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Running, the ideal exercise?

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Running burns a lot of calories. All you need is a good pair of running shoes and sportswear. And maybe some way to listen to music. A relatively very cheap sport compared to the gym or any other sport where a membership is required. Opinions differ widely as to how one can run. Interval training, endurance training, sprinting, there are countless possibilities. Which one is best can be under discussion. But what everyone can be sure about is that all of them are super healthy.

Running is definitely not suitable for everyone. The risk of injury is always present if you walk in a wrong way. Running is the cause of a lot of knee injuries. Even when you walk correctly, the injury can also be caused by weak knees. The sport is less suitable for very obese people. Running is a great drain on muscles and joints causing injuries to occur quickly. However, it is possible to start walking and eating healthy. When you lose pounds, you can slowly start running.

Especially for getting beautiful legs and buttocks, running is great. Runners have virtually no cellulite. What many people do not know is that running is also very good for the abs. These are used constantly while running.

Endurance or interval training?
In an endurance run revolves around persevere. The idea is that you run as long as possible, and through training the amount of time you can run without stopping is getting longer. Endurance training ensures that the condition improves heart, blood vessels and lungs. One speaks of a correct rate of endurance when you can talk in a normal way while running. You shouldn't be totally out of breath, you should be able to hold a conversation.

At intervals, the endurance interspersed with brief periods in which one runs faster. These sprints can last for a certain time or a certain distance. One idea is to run at an easy pace for 1 minute and then run 1 minute as fast as possible. You can repeat this several times. Interval training is often used by runners who are training themselves to be able to run faster.

Undoubtedly, running burns a lot of calories, whether you choose for interval training or for endurance running. With interval training, you build more muscle and the body will burn more calories during the day. However, an endurance training lasts longer so that more calories are burned during the exercise. Many scientific studies have different outcomes. It is best to just do what you feel most comfortable with!

When is the best time to run?
Opinions differ when it comes to the best time to run. It is recommended to run at the time when you feel most comfortable. For one person, this can be before eating a meal, for another person it can be after eating a meal.

Many people say that your body will start to burn fat after 20 to 30 minutes of running because the available energy storage of the body will then be finished. If you run in the morning before breakfast, you will burn more fat because this energy storage is already empty and there are no carbohydrates to burn first. Whether this works for you, you should try out yourself. It is recommended that you drink enough water during and after your exercise and that you eat enough proteins.

Without a doubt, running is a good sport to lose weight and improve the condition of the body. So start today!

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