Eggs are very healthy and fit perfectly within every diet!

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Eggs are very healthy and fit perfectly within every diet!

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Many people believe that eggs are bad for their health. Research has shown that eggs are an important source of protein and contain essential vitamins (vitamin D and B12). In addition, eggs are rich in a mixture of essential amino acids. These are important for the growth and repair of the body in both adults and children.

Researchers compared two groups of adults who were following a diet. Both groups followed a diet low in calories. One group ate a bagel for breakfast, the other group ate two eggs. The group of adults who were eating two eggs for breakfast lost more weight than those who ate a bagel for breakfast.

The bagel contained the same number of calories as the two eggs together. Remarkably, the group that ate the eggs lost 65 percent more weight than those who ate a bagel for breakfast. The egg group felt fitter and had more energy than the bagel group.

The researchers also checked the cholesterol. That was not higher in the group with the egg-breakfast.

Eggs are high in protein and these provide a feeling of fullness which makes sure that people who eat breakfast with two eggs are less hungry during the day. This results in eating less. One study even showed that two eggs for breakfast every day as part of a reduced calorie diet can help women to lose weight and still keep a good energy level.

Women who ate eggs as part of their diet, lost significantly more weight, lost more inches around their waist and had a higher energy level. Women who ate breakfast which consisted of two eggs for five days a week over a period of 8 weeks, as part of a diet low in fat, lost 65% more weight and had 83% more reduction in waist circumference than women on a diet without eggs.

Furthermore, even when several processes invented scientific studies that HDL and LDL cholesterol, triglyceride levels did not vary compared with those who had breakfast with sandwiches. This confirms the research for 30 years that healthy adults can eat eggs daily without having an increased risk for heart diseases. These results support the growing body of research that confirms that proteins play a very important role in the diet. A shortage of good quality protein may contribute to obesity, breakdown of muscle cells and an increased risk of chronic diseases.

There is nothing wrong with eating eggs. Several scientific studies have shown that eating an egg very well fits in a diet, eating eggs even contributes to weight loss while cholesterol does not increase significantly!

The egg white only contains 17 calories. The egg yolk contains the remaining calories and about 10 grams of fat. Are you on a diet? Then eat the protein and let the yolk away. This way, you will have the benefits of feeling full and rapid weight loss, but not the calories!

Eggs fit perfectly within a diet!

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