Sugar is unhealthy, even in small amounts

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Sugar is unhealthy, even in small amounts

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Sugar is unhealthy. The large increase in sugar consumption during the past centuries leads to more obesity and an increase of many diseases and illnesses. Yet many people think that eating sugar in moderation doesn't have very negative effects on their health. They argue that as long as there is no excess weight, sugar doesn't have a lot of negative effects. However, research has shown that the consumption of small amounts of sugar has negative effects on our health.

The study was conducted among mice. They received a quantity of sugar per day which is equivalent to drinking 3 glasses of soda while on a diet with no added sugar. According to current standards, the quantity of sugar that is in 3 glasses of soda is a safe amount. The diet of the mice consisted out of sugar for 25%. Half of it was fructose, the other half was dextrose.

Great about this research is that the mice remained in their natural habitat. There were only normal mice which lived in natural circumstances. This makes the results more reliable. The study was also repeated 6 times to make sure that the results are correct.

The mice didn't get fat
The results of the trial were not shocking at first sight. The mice that were given sugar were not thicker than the mice that received no sugar. Also, the major health indicators, such as the cholesterol level of the blood was not significantly different in the mice that were getting extra sugar.

Negative effects
After a period of 26 weeks the male mice who got the extra sugar were less able to defend their territory. The sugar mice had 26% less territory than the mice with no extra added sugar.

The female mice that were given sugar died 2 times more often in comparison with the female mice that were given no sugar. 35% of the sugar mice died within 32 weeks after their sugar-rich diet had started.

Another important point was that the mice that were fed sugar had fewer children than the mice that had a healthy diet. The male mice were having 25% fewer children because of the sugar-rich diet!

We can therefore conclude that even if there is no excess weight by eating sugar, there can be other negative health effects.

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