Fat isn't unhealthy!

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Fat isn't unhealthy!

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Many people believe that food which contains a lot of fat isn't healthy. But there is a distinction between saturated fat and unsaturated fat. Saturated fat is the unhealthy kind. Unsaturated fat, however, is actually very healthy for your body and mind! But why is this? And which foods contains which fats?

Saturated fat causes cholesterol in the blood to increase. A high cholesterol can lead to a heart attack or a stroke. The unsaturated fat is very good, especially for your skin and hair. You will look healthy. Another benefit from unsaturated fat is that it is essential for the absorption of certain vitamins.

Fat always contains a combination of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, but the ratio between these fatty acids varies by product. Saturated fat is found mostly in packets of hard margarine, butter, whole milk (products), meats, cakes, pastries, chocolate and snacks.

Fat which is liquid or soft when on room temperature, usually contains little saturated fat. Fat which is not liquid will contain relatively much saturated fat.

Fat is fat! Unsaturated fat is not better for your diet. Both fats will provide you with the same amount of calories. It only has to do with health risks like heart attacks.

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Re: Fat isn't unhealthy!

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Actually its is true. Most people believe that fat is unhealthy. But now it is clear that there are 2 types of fats and out of that which is healthy and unhealthy. Good information. Thanks for sharing it.

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Re: Fat isn't unhealthy!

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Hmm, I agree what you say is true, but I'm kinda more curious in why people have such a prejudice against "fat" people. In term of a whole person, they have no difference than a normal person (though true I understand a bit about their hardship of being overweight).
Probably people are too scared of being overweight that they also have a general prejudice against the word "fat", even without understanding the true meaning of being fat.
And also we have modern media nowadays. Media often promote and encourage "perfect body woman/man", sexy looking, and so being "fat" is deemed to be unattractive and I guess people eventually hate being "fat", just because of reputation and outside charm.

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