Prevent nausea during exercising

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Prevent nausea during exercising

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Some suffer from nausea during exercising. Others have no idea what you're talking about. In every kind of sport there can be nausea. But what is the cause of the nausea? And what is recommended? Should you stop exercising? Or just continue? What can you do to prevent nausea during sport? Read about it!

A common cause of nausea during exercise is dehydration. Exercising can make you lose a lot of sweat. When the fluid balance in your body really falls, it can cause nausea. Make sure that you drink enough before, during and after a workout.

Even with a healthy diet, there may be nausea during training. It does not only occur by eating unhealthy food, it can also occurs when eating healthy foods at the wrong time. When your stomach is completely empty this may cause nausea. The same goes for when you have too much food in your stomach. It is therefore wise to eat someting about 2 hours before a workout, such as a banana. Not too much, because that can be a cause of nausea.

Hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar is another cause of nausea. Again, this can be prevented by eating 2 hours in advance. If this is the cause, this is easily remedied by taking dextrose during training or for example a banana. The blood sugar levels will then be higher quickly.

Fatty foods
Some athletes also experience nausea when eating fatty foods. This could be because these food remaining in the stomach for a relatively long time. A full stomach can cause nausea.

Oxygen deficiency
Incorrect breathing can lead to a lack of oxygen. Many people tend to hold their breath during training. However, it is very important to breathe properly!

An oxygen deficiency can also result from other causes. For example, because you have too few red blood cells in your body.

To intensive
Nausea also appears when you are exercising too intensely. When your heart rate is very high. The only solution is to slow down. Stop exercising and just wait until your heart rate drops down. When you slowly build up your exercises during time, you will find that this nausea disappears.

Nausea is a warning from your body that something is not right. When it appears during a workout, try to figure out the cause. Listen to your body and do not push yourself too far.

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