Chewing & Spitting is an unhealthy way of losing weight

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Chewing & Spitting is an unhealthy way of losing weight

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Chew & Spit is an increasingly common way to lose weight. It is used by many people with eating disorders. The idea is simple. Instead of swallowing the food, you spit the food out. In this way, there are only few calories consumed. It is absolutely not healthy.

Many disadvantages
You will consume calories because you will never be able to spit everything you eat. For example chocolate melts in your mouth, which makes it very difficult not to swallow. Spitting out sandwiches or crisps is easier, although even then, some calories will be consumed. You also won't learn what healthy food is. This bizarre method to lose weight can only be practised when no one is around. It is not really good for the appetite of other people to do so in public.

Harmful effects on the body
When you chew food and then spit it back out there may be many physical effects. For example, painful mouth ulcers can occur. In addition, your lymph nodes will swell in the face making you look more fat instead of slimmer. Other consequences are bad teeth and stomach ulcers.

If you use this method, you're likely already in need. You have an eating disorder and you need help to determine what a healthy diet is for you. By applying this method, you can eventually develop a life-threatening eating disorder such as anorexia or become bulimic.

When this method is often applied your body makes much insulin. Insulin is produced by the body and therefore you get a feeling of hunger. It works actually counterproductive.

Will it make you lose weight?
On the internet there are many people who say that they gain weight since they started chewing and spitting. This is partly explained by the body producing more insulin. It is also true that people with eating disorders make use of this method. These people are often very thin. The amount of calories that you get through this method may involve a large amount of calories for such persons. It is likely that they barely eat anything before. Especially since this method is often used to correct unhealthy products.

If you keep eating as much as before and you don't eat large quantities of food through the chew and spit you will probably lose weight. Yet it is not a good way to lose weight in view of the disadvantages described above.

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