Strength exercises are great for women!

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Strength exercises are great for women!

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Too often it is thought that strength training is only for men. Many still believe in the myth that strength training in women creates a far too muscular body. However, this is not true. On the contrary. It will give you a nicely shaped and slim body. Strength training is also suitable for all ages. In addition, strength training has many other benefits for women! Here are some advantages!

Research has shown that an average woman who does strength training 2 to 3 times a week gains 1.75 pound lean muscle and loses 3.5 pounds of fat after training during 8 weeks.

Muscles consume more than fat. That means your metabolism at rest will increase. Each pound of muscles you get, provides an additional fuel consumption from 30 to 50 calories a day. A pound of extra muscle creates an additional annual consumption up to 18.250 calories. That means a weight loss of more than 10 pounds in 1 year without changing your diet!

After a weight training, your body will keep burning fat during the day. Strengt training, in other words, is a great way to lose fat! In one way because muscles consume more and in another way by the excersize itself.

Through strength training you will develop muscle mass. Muscle takes up less space than fat. Someone who is very muscular can weigh more than someone with a lot of fat and yet look slimmer. Moreover, the person with more muscle mass is probably also physically much healthier!

Many women suffer from osteoporosis. This leads to bone and joint pain and can be very uncomfortable during the day. Strength training improves the quality of the bones and will reduce the osteoporosis.

Less risk of disease
Like any sport, strength training also has a positive effect on the reduction of the risk of diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

Women with a depression who do 10 weeks of strength training feel better after these 10 weeks than women who visit a psychologist for a period of 10 weeks.

Do strength exercises leads to a muscular body for women?
Women have 10 to 30 times less hormones that cause muscle than men. Woman can become very muscular, but therefore they must train exceptionally hard. Thereby they will have to follow a strict diet with many proteins. If you just go to the gym and start weight training you will never become extremely muscular on the short term.

Moreover, this argument is again ridiculous because once you're not happy with your body, and you suspect that this is due to the amount of strength training, you can always stop at any time.

When you start lifting, you will notice that you feel better and that you are definitely not too muscular!

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