The health benefits of strawberries

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The health benefits of strawberries

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Strawberries spread a delicious sweet fragrance and are also full of good fabrics. The strawberry can contain 200 small seeds each and they taste sweet. But what makes the strawberry so healthy?

Nutritive value
100 grams of strawberries contains 36 calories, 0.8 grams protein, 2 grams of fiber and 0.4 grams of fat. They also contain 6.5 grams of carbohydrates, including 5.4 grams of sugar.

Health benefits of strawberries
Strawberries owe their red color to the many antioxidants they contain. These are very good for fighting free radicals! The red color is caused by anthocyanins. This antioxidant is also very good in the fight against obesity. The substance stimulates the burning of fat. The large amount of fiber and low calorie intake causes the strawberry a good and healthy snack during a diet!

The strawberry is also particularly rich in vitamin C. This vitamin C provides beautiful skin and makes wrinkles disappear. Under the influence of vitamin C, the body makes collagen. This material creates a young, beautiful and elastic skin. Vitamin C has also many other health benefits.

They also have a positive effect on the health of our eyes. They help against the clouding of the eye lens.

Strawberries are also a source of potassium, magnesium, folic acid, vitamin D and flavonoids. People who consume a lot of strawberries have a reduced risk of heart disease. Folic acid, or vitamin B11 is important for pregnant women. Potassium is also very important to humans, read more about it here.

How do you store strawberries?
Strawberries are a fruit that is relatively fast moldy. It is therefore advisable to consume it within 2 to 3 days after buying and to store them in the refrigerator. Look closely in the store to the quality of the strawberries. They have to look good and spread a sweet fragrance. If a strawberry is moldy, it will spread relatively quickly. When you store them uncovered, you can keep them longer. It is advisable to clean them just before consumption.

Strawberries can be frozen. This makes them suitable for consumption for a period up to a year. This is ideal for those who like to eat strawberries in winter. In winter they are also available but often at a price which is two or three times as expensive as in the summer. Strawberries can also be purchased frozen.

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