Don't gain weight due to menopause!

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Don't gain weight due to menopause!

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No woman escapes the menopause. The menstruation is irregular and will eventually never come back. This phase is associated with several typical menopausal symptoms. Hot flashes and weight gain are the most common of these side effects. Many women assume that becoming thicker is normal and accept that they will have to buy their clothes in a size bigger. But where does this weight gain come from and can it be prevented?

What causes weight gain?
Aging also changes the metabolism. A woman over 50 burns at rest much less calories than a woman around the age of 20. Woman at the age of forty have a calorie need of about 20% less compared to the calorie need of woman at the age of twenty. If one keeps eating as much food as at an younger age they will gain weight.

During the menopause, the body produces less and less estrogen. This female hormone plays a key role in the metabolism. It ensures that the storage of fat only happens superficially. The decrease in production of estrogen results in a lower metabolism and an increased storage of fat around the abdomen and waist. It may well be that the butt and hip are slimmer during menopause while there is an increase in the fat content in the body. This is definitely not healthy and gives a higher risk of heart disease and cancer. In addition, A lower estrogen level will make you hungry and will make you less quickly satisfied by food. The result is that you eat more.

Research has shown that women during and after menopause exercise less. Often this is done unconsciously by a reduced social life and a reduced sentence in motion. The result is that you will lose more muscle than necessary. This will lower your metabolism even more.

Weight gain prevention
It is true that the metabolism and fat storage change during the menopause. This ends in a weight gain. But this does not mean that the weight gain is unavoidable. A limitation of the number of calories consumed and exercise should ensure that there is no weight gain. Eventually you can not gain weight when more calories are used by the body than consumed.

Research has shown that women who are not moving less during menopause will keep their weight. Women who starting exercising more than before the menopause did even lose weight. Besides weight loss also their waist was slimmer. Exercise and a healthy diet has thus indeed useful, especially during the menopause. Weight gain is preventable!

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