Will bread make you fat?

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Will bread make you fat?

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Bread and cereals are rich in carbohydrates, protein, fiber, B vitamins and minerals such as iron. Moreover bread contains iodine. They provide many nutrients and in proportion to their volume and weight they are very low calorie. Therefore, large portions form the basis for a healthy diet. They give a feeling of satisfaction after every meal. Thus, they reduce the appetite for energy-rich snacks between meals. They losing weight and to maintain a healthy weight. There are many different types of bread, which makes it easier to vary. Bread is suitable not only for the three main meals, but also fits well in between.

Is bread fattening?
Many people think that eating bread will make you fat. That is a misunderstanding. In relation to its volume and weight bread is low in calories. In comparison, a slice of whole wheat bread weighs 35 grams and contains 75 calories. A slice of cake weighs 30 grams and contains 130 calories. Bread also contains a lot of fiber, especially whole wheat bread (2 grams per slice). Fibers give a feeling of fullness, making you less likely to get hungry and eat many high-calorie extras.

The bread itself is not bad, is known to most people. However, the problem is that which is on the bread. The toppings usually brings more calories than the bread itself. So make the responsible choice.

Which bread?
The differences between bread very large. People often think that whole wheat bread is the best choice. That is also a very good choice, it contains lots of fiber and gives a feeling of satisfaction. However, if you're on a calorie restrictive diet, there are better options.

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