What are healthy things to put on bread?

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What are healthy things to put on bread?

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Earlier we wrote that bread is pretty healthy and will definitely not make you fat. The problem with bread is that you have to put something on it. This can be very unhealthy, and this can make you fat. The number of calories of a slice of bread can increase significantly, depending on with what you eat your bread. Not to mention the habit of eating a spoonful of peanut butter right out of the jar.

A slice of bread with peanut butter or chocolate spread is very tasty and therefore a much preferred option at breakfast. Peanut butter is a healthy choice because it contains a lot of protein. In addition, it contains a lot of fiber and thus ensures a quick satiety. However, it also contains a lot of fat and thus such a slice of bread brings a lot of calories and fat with it. No problem if you do not have to watch your weight, but if you like to lose some weight, there are better options.

Sweet or savory
Sweet spreads often have a bad name because of the many sugars and carbohydrates it contains. However, if you look at calories and fat, they are often a better choice than savory. Then honey, jam or apple syrup are better choices. These are low in calories and contain nearly no fat. But if you have a need for protein and fat, and not trying to lose weight, then it is better to choose cheese or peanut butter. Satiety will be achieved faster.

Calories on your bread
Ham, 15 gram: 20
Aniseed Sprinkles 15 gram: 60
Apple syrup of 15 gram: 35
Bacon 15 gram: 55
Sausage sandwich, 15 gram: 45
Pork, 15 gram: 25
Saveloy, 15 gram: 60
Chocolate Sprinkles, 15 gram: 65
Chocolate Grain, 15 gram: 65
Chocolate Spread, 15 gram: 85
Corned beef, 15 gram: 45
Filet american, 15 gram: 25
Roast pig, 15 gram: 20
Roast beef, 15 gram: 50
Cooked sausage, 15 gram: 75
Vegetable Spread, 15 gram: 5
Hazelnut paste, 15 gram: 80
Honey, 15 gram: 50
Jam, 15 gram: 35
Chicken, 15 gram: 25
Breakfast Bacon, 15 gram: 60
Peanut butter, 15 gram: 95
Smoked beef, 20 gram: 15
Smoked sausage, 20 gram: 65
Roast beef, 15 gram: 25
Salami, 15 gram: 80
Sandwich Spread, 15 gram: 35

Many people put a lot of toppings on their bread. The difference between a thick slice of bread with peanut butter and a thin slice of bread with peanut butter can be up to 200 calories! Check out how many grams you actually put on your bread and wonder if that can not be less. You can save a lot of calories by making a sandwich of two slices of bread with just one topping in the middle. This saves quite a few calories! Especially with toppings like cheese, peanut butter or hazelnut paste.

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Re: What are healthy things to put on bread?

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So please tell us, what can be the possible connection between the word "healthy" in the title of the post and the suggested sugar-laden sweet spreads such as honey or jam or fat-laden savouries such as cheese or peanut butter?
You will end your years prematurely from cardiovascular disease, dear readers, but along the way you will have consumed a few less calories!

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