Are diet products healthy?

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Are diet products healthy?

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Many people use diet products because they want to lose weight. Diet soda is the most common diet product but there are also diet product of many other foods, such as chips, butter, cream and even peanut butter. Light is seen by many people as a synonym for low calorie and healthy. The light products contain on average 11 % fewer calories than normal varaint of the same product. However Light products are not as healthy as they would like us to believe.

Added sugars and sweeteners
Light means less fat and less added sugars and therefore fewer calories. In low-sugar diet products the sugar is often replaced by adding more fat. In low-fat diet products, there are often just more sugar or other sweeteners such as aspartame added. Aspartame has a whopping 92 side effects and is harmful to health, it can even lead to death.

Diet products don't work
Moreover, research shows that people who opt for the light-variant gain yet more calories because they eat more of the product. They feel less guilty because they have chosen a 'healthy' product, in the end they end up eating too much. This gives them a whopping 28% more calories than those who did not opt for the light product.

Diet products do not help with weight loss and are absolutely not healthier than other products. There are many unhealthy substitutes added. Moreover, light products give shorter satiety. This means that you will be hungry faster. If you want to lose weight healthily it is best to choose a healthy diet without light products and a lot of exercise.

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