What are e-numbers?

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What are e-numbers?

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E-numbers are by Europe approved additives which may be used in foods. The numbers can be found on the foods in the list of ingredients. It also happens that not the number but rather the name of the added substance can be found on the packaging. Manufacturers do this because of the bad reputation of e-numbers. Some e-numbers have an animal origin and therefore are not suitable for vegans Also, flavor enhancers, colorings and preservatives often have an e-number.

Bad e-numbers
Of certain e-numbers are known to have a bad effect on weight loss. E951 (aspartame), for example, is a sweetener to replace sugar. Although this substance contains less calories than sugar, research shows that people who consume a lot of aspartame have more appetite for carbohydrate-rich foods and also an increased fat storage. This is supported by studies where they stopped eating foods with aspartame.

Many diet products contain aspartame. Research has already shown that people who eat a lot of diet products end up eating more calories.

E621 also has a bad name and should be avoided by people who are dieting. According to the inspection value this substance is added to the diet because of the high addictive content. This does not stop people eating when one is saturated and eventually the body gets too many calories.

Animal origin
In many e-numbers it is not clear whether they are from animal origin. Vegans must therefore always check the e-numbers on the products. Some e-numbers can be from origin of vegetable or animal fats.

E-numbers that are certainly animal of origin are: 120, 322, 430 t/m 436, 470 t/m 475, 477, 478, 479, 479b, 481 t/m 484, 491 t/m 495, 542, 570 t/m 573, 626 t/m 636, 640, 901, 904, 913, 920, 921, 966, 1000 and 1105.

E-numbers of animal origin may be: 101, 153, 161g, 236, 270, 306 t/m 308, 325 t/m 327, 375, 422, 476, 620 t/m 625 and 927b.

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