Hooping is a great exercise!

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Hooping is a great exercise!

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Children are always moving around. Skipping ropes, hooping and hopscotch for example. But who tells us that these are not suitable for adults? All three are excellent exercises to lose weight! Jump ropes and hopscotch are very intensive and also an attack on your joints. Especially for people with more weight it is recommended to first begin another sport. Luckily, hooping is perfect!

Hooping burns a lot of calories, up to 100 calories per 10 minutes. This is comparable to a sport like jogging. The only thing you need is a hoop. When buying a hoop, pay attention to the size and weight. Using a children's hoop is not wise because it is more difficult. Hooping with a hoop having a larger diameter is easier. A good hoop can be found for around 10 dollar.

Another advantage of hooping is that one does not have to leave the house. You can simply put on your favorite television program and start hooping.

What is it good for?
As mentioned above, you burn a lot of calories with hooping. As many as 600 per hour! This is obviously ideal if you want to lose weight. Moreover, the abdominal and leg muscles are trained. This is due to the slight bending of the legs while hooping and the movement you have to make to keep the hoop rotating. When you hoop daily, it will not be long before you have developed a beautiful waistline.

How to start?
In the beginning, hooping can be difficult. After a few months or even weeks, you'll notice that you can sustain hooping easily for an hour. In the beginning, it is wise to build the intensity slowly. With hooping you use your abdominal muscles and leg muscles the most. Make sure that your knees are slightly bent to prevent injuries. The hoop will likely often fall down. The best you can start with hooping 10 minutes per day. If you start directly with hooping a longer period of time, there is a great chance that bruises occur around the waist.

Half an hour hooping per day burns about 300 calories, so you get a nice waist and beautiful legs and buttock muscles. Teach yourself to hoop for half an hour during your daily soap and you will find that you lose pounds and inches!

What is a good hoop?
It is important that you have a good hoop. If it is too large , it is easy to keep the hoop in the air but this burns fewer calories. With a hoop too little, it is hard not to drop the hoop on the ground. Look around before you buy a hoop somewhere. Make sure you buy a hoop that is suitable for adults, with the right size and the right weight.

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