Nuts are very healthy!

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Nuts are very healthy!

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Nuts are high in calories and fat and are therefore often wrongly labeled as unhealthy. In addition to fat, there are many minerals and vitamins in nuts. Walnuts for example, contain substances that can prevent cancer. Nuts are also known for the B vitamins that are especially important for people with a vegetarian diet. Nuts are delicious with yogurt, salad, pies, as a snack or with fresh fruit.

High in fat and calories
Nuts are high in fat, therefore many people think that nuts are unhealthy. However, the fats in nuts are healthy fats and not saturated fats, which are unhealthy. Nuts are full of omega 3 and 6. They provide good cholesterol levels and protect against heart disease. Because of the high content of fat you should pay attention to the amount of nuts you eat. Too much fat is not good for anyone. And for the amount of calories, it doesn't matter if you eat healthy or unhealthy fats. The number of calories in nuts varies from about 400 to 700 per 100 gram.

Which nuts and how many nuts?
Not all nuts are equally healthy. The best option are pure nuts. Walnuts are very healthy nuts, as well as almonds, cashews and pistachios. The best are the unsalted and unroasted nuts. With every preparation method nutrients are lost. If desired, you can roast the nuts yourself before eating. Many different kind of nuts are available. Both salted and unsalted. Obviously the unsalted version is better because too much salt is not good for the body. A daily handful of nuts is actually good for the health. Logically, eating 100 or 200 grams of nuts a day is not advisable because of the large amount of calories they contain.

Peanuts actually aren't nuts. They belong to the category of legumes. However, peanuts are very healthy and have the same benefits as nuts. They contain a lot of fiber and healthy fats. Many studies have shown that a handful of peanuts per day leads to weight loss.

Nuts help losing weight
Numerous studies show that people who eat a handful of nuts every day, lose weight easier and faster. This effect is due to the large amount of fiber and protein in nuts. These provide a feeling of fullness which one lets other things are. The fact also remains of course that nuts are high in calories and that you certainly shouldn't eat too much. Eating 2 handfuls of nuts per week has a positive effect on your weight.

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