What exactly is fast food?

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What exactly is fast food?

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Fast food has a bad reputation among many. That is partly right and partly unjustified. Rightly so, because junkfood like pizza and fries contain a lot of bad fats and calories. It is not true because the term fast food includes more than what most people think. Fast food is invariably linked to McDonald's and graphics display fast food burgers and fries. However, fast food is a collective term for food that is prepared and served quickly and is inexpensive. And that does not necessarily have to be unhealthy.

Foreign fast food
Food that we consider to be healthier than fast food are fast food as well. For example, sushi is a fast food, it is quickly prepared and is inexpensive. In oriental countries, rice noodles and falafel are examples of fast food. This shows that there is a big misunderstanding regarding fast food. There are a lot of healthy fast food.

Obesity because of fast food
It is often stated that obesity is the result of the fast-food industry. It is clear that people are only getting fatter. However, it is still questionable whether this is due to the fast food industry. Only 2 % of our total food consumption consists of fast food. It is difficult to maintain that the cause of the thickening population is fast food. Generally, obese persons just eat too much and move too little. If you simply don't eat to much calories, you won't be obese. Of course that does not mean that unhealthy fast food like burgers with fries do not lead to more heart problems and diabetes for example.

Fast food to eat!
Enjoy fast foods like sushi, rice, noodles and falafel! And ignore fast food like burgers, fries and meat bombs. There are many meals which are quick and easy to prepare and also relatively inexpensive and healthy!

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