The truth about chocolate

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The truth about chocolate

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The truth about chocolate is that chocolate is both healthy and unhealthy. When one makes the right choice, chocolate is actually very healthy and protects against high blood pressure, bad cholesterol, cancer, stroke and heart disease. The cocoa brings many advantages. However, this applies only if you opt for dark chocolate, which contains more than 70 % cocoa. Milk chocolate and white chocolate consist of 80% sugar and does the body more wrong than good. Teach yourself to find that piece of bitter chocolate tasty and not to opt for the version with bad sugars.

Ingredients of cocoa
Cocoa contains the antioxidant flavonoid, these antioxidant ensures that the blood vessels are dilated. This material also gives a boost to the immune system. In addition, cocoa also does wonders for your mood, this is due to the dopamine, caffeine, serotonin, endorphins and phenylethylamine. For example, the latter is a substance that is created in the brains when someone is in love. No wonder that one desires in difficult times or during menstruation to a piece of chocolate!

Additionally, cocoa protects against cancer. The polyphenols in chocolate slow the growth of cancer cells. These polyphenols are also a reason that a glass of red wine and green tea are regarded as healthy. In addition to inhibiting the growth of cancer cells, they also ensure that the disposal of fatty substances are reduced in the blood vessels.

In moderation
Also dark chocolate should obviously be eaten in moderation. Research shows that a daily piece of 20 to 45 grams is sufficient to have positive effects on the body. Chocolate is best not to be taken at the same time as milk. A cup of hot chocolate which already contains too much sugar and cream, is therefore not a good idea. To eat your chocolate slowly and let it melt in your mouth is a good idea. So you can savor the taste and you'll notice that chocolate with over 70 % cocoa is delicious. Even better is the variant with 80% or even 86% cocoa.

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