Trans fats, to avoid at all costs!

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Trans fats, to avoid at all costs!

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Trans fats are the cause of heart disease and have a negative effect on cholesterol levels. These fats help to keep food fresh for longer. Precisely for this reason they are in almost all food that we see in the supermarket. The food industry makes these fats with vegetable oils to build up solid fats such as margarine. Trans fats are absolutely unhealthy and it's best to avoid them as much as possible. Where almost everyone nowadays is aware of the harmful effects of saturated fatty acids, it is astonishing that the dangers of trans fats are often not known. Trans fats are much more harmful to the human body than saturated fatty acids.

Effects of trans fat
Trans fats are extremely harmful to our health. In addition to a much higher risk of heart disease and diabetes, they also increase the risk of allergies in children and arteriosclerosis. In addition, they have a negative effect on the growth of a fetus. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid trans fats as much as possible, especially when you are pregnant. Also, cancer is a possible consequence of consuming trans fats.

Natural and unnatural trans fats
Also in the stomachs of cows, a hardening process takes place. Oils from the grass and food are converted into the stomach in trans fat. In products such as milk, butter, meat and cheese, there is always an amount of trans fat. However, the amount is very small in comparison with the unnatural trans fats which are added in order to keep food fresh. It is still unclear whether the animal natural trans fats are just as harmful as trans fats that occur after the industrialized process. Research will tell.

Nutritional values
The problem is that the producer is not obliged to provide the amount of trans fats in a product on the package. Where calories, protein and carbohydrate content must be printed on the package, the amount of trans fats often can't be found. However, it is clear that processed food contains a lot of trans fats. Almost all cookies, pretzels and pastries contain trans fats. There may also be words on the ingredients list which shows that trans fats are used. These words include: hardened fat, partially hydrogenated fat, hydrogenated fat, hydrogenated oil, partially hydrogenated oil, hydrogenated fat and hydrogenated oil. If you find one of these words on the package, then you would do well not to buy the product.

How much trans fat?
It is best to avoid trans fat as much as possible. But because there are also animal trans fats, it is very difficult to avoid all trans fats. The amount of fat in your diet should between 20 and 30% of your total calorie intake. from this 20-30% only 25 tot 35% should be saturated fat. Only 1% of this 20 to 30% should be coming from trans fats. That means that the maximum amount of trans fat is 2 to 3 grams per day. Because it is often not on the package how many trans fat a product contains, it is very difficult to count. One can therefore best not buy all processed foods and packaged foods. A fresh and healthy diet with a lot of fruit and vegetables is a better idea.

Avoid products with words on the ingredients list that indicate trans fats. Use vegetable oil for frying and baking. Do not buy ready-made food. Vegetable fats are good.

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