Are frozen or canned vegetables healthy?

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Are frozen or canned vegetables healthy?

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Most people simply aren't eating enough vegetables. People often use the excuse that they are too busy to eat healthy. Too busy to go to the store and too busy to prepare the meal. Frozen and canned vegetables have gotten a bad name over time. So many people to not eat fruit and vegetables at all if they can't eat them fresh. There is bad news for people who often use their laziness as an excuse to eat unhealthy food, frozen and canned vegetables are indeed just as healthy as fresh vegetables!

Loss of nutrients
It is absolutely true that nutrients are lost during the process of blanching, canning, freezing and thawing. However, this is a very poor excuse to not use frozen and canned vegetables. Fresh vegetables lose nutrients during transportation, and when they are lying in the supermarket or refrigerator. Moreover, the time between harvesting and freezing vegetables is kept as short as possible for the retention of the nutrients. Many packages of frozen vegetables for example, are frozen within hours after the harvest.

Are frozen vegetables healthier than canned vegetables?
Frozen vegetables can be healthier than canned vegetables because there are often preservatives have been added to ensure that the vegetable can be kept long. In the frozen variant often nothing is added. Canned vegetables often contain a lot of salt to ensure that the vegetable can be kept long.

No more excuses
There is therefore no excuse not to eat vegetables every day. The frozen vegetables do not need to be thawed before use and canned vegetables only need to be heated before it can be eaten. There are also plenty of stir-fry dishes with different types of frozen vegetables.

Look out
The processed vegetable dishes in the supermarket are not healthy. These often contain a lot of fat, salt and sugars and therefore are much less healthy than when you use frozen vegetables. Often there is also a high-calorie sauce added. In many canned vegetable a quantity of sugar is added. It is, of course, better to choose the variant without sugar.

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