Muesli is healthy

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Muesli is healthy

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Muesli is an ideal replacement for those who want to eat something else than bread for breakfast or lunch. It is full of grains, fruits and nuts, and ensures a long satiety. Muesli has a low GI value. As a result, the blood sugar rises to a limited extent, and the nutrients are gradually absorbed by the body. The many proteins, partly due to the combination of yogurt with muesli, help with weight loss. Muesli contains, depending on the variant, about 350 to 450 calories per 100 grams. A normal serving is 50 grams.

In most varieties of granola that one can find in the supermarket, sugar is added. This makes the granola much unhealthier and also does not have the positive effect of a low insulin level and thus a long satiety. There are also a lot of breakfast foods that are absolutely not muesli. Think of cornflakes, cereals with chocolate or honey pops. It's best to buy muesli as pure as possible, so without additives and preservatives. Ideal is when you make the granola yourself. Then you know exactly what is in it and then you are guaranteed eating a healthy product. Moreover, it takes little time.

Muesli recipe
An example recipe for granola is crushing and mixing the following ingredients: 200 grams of oatmeal, 80 grams walnuts, 60 grams cashews, 40 grams almonds, 30 grams of sesame seeds 30 grams of flaxseed, 25 g sunflower seeds, 200 grams raisins 150 grams of dried apricots. You can actually use all kinds of nuts in small or larger amounts, depending on what you yourself like most.

Difference granola and muesli
It is clear to everyone that granola is much crispier than muesli. There is also a crunchy muesli, usually involving cane sugar or honey to get a crispy layer. Granola, or cruesli, contains the same ingredients as muesli, however, it is sprinkled with a syrup of water, sugar, honey and coconut oil, which is then baked in the oven. This creates a much crispier product. However cruesli contains more calories and fat because of this preparation method. It is best to choose pure muesli.

The fibers in muesli make it an ideal product. It is known that the average American gets far too little fiber. As a result, many people suffer from bowel problems. Muesli can contribute to the total amount of fiber. Partly due to the addition of dried fruit and nuts in muesli.

Combined with Greek yogurt muesli is delicious, but also with low-fat yogurt, for those who are dieting, it is delicious to eat. There are also many other things to do with muesli. There are lots of healthy recipes to make muesli cookies for example.

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