Spelt bread is much healthier than normal bread

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Spelt bread is much healthier than normal bread

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Nowadays, you do not need to go to the health food store for a spelt bread. You can just visit a large supermarket or a bakery. Spelt bread is a good alternative for people who are not able to eat wheat, and for people who are trying to lose weight. It has many advantages over any other bread whatsoever.

Nutritive value
Unlike the nutrients in wheat, the nutrients in spelt are located in the kernel and not only in the germ and bran. As a result, the nutrients are maintained in the processing of making spelt bread. Moreover, spelt has a high water solubility, which will make it easily absorbed by the body, leaving no nutrients are lost.

Spelt is one of the most protein rich grain species. Spelt contains 10 to 25 % more protein than wheat. Ideal for people who are dieting. Additionally spelt contains also much more vitamins than wheat. For example, spelt is rich in vitamin B, folic acid and niacin. In addition, spelt is also rich in vitamin E and contains the minerals iron, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus. Also spelt contains 8.8 grams of fiber per 100 grams. This contributes to the healthy functioning of the intestines, and a good bowel movement.

100 grams of spelt contains approximately 350 calories. This is slightly more than wheat, but the health benefits are very large. Moreover, it is very likely that you will eat less spelt bread because of the faster saturation.

Spelt bread in your diet
Due to the high protein content, you will be satisfied quicker and so you end up eating less. If you normally eat 3 or 4 slices of bread for lunch, it may well be that you're full after two spells sandwiches. The sandwiches are smaller than wheat bread but your hunger will go much faster and stay away longer. An additional advantage of this is also that less topping such as cheese or peanut butter is needed. These usually contain a lot of calories. Way more than the bread itself.

Insulin Level
Another major advantage of spelt bread is that it has a low GI value. Wheat protein contains a substance, called lecithin, which mimics the effect of insulin, and thus the cause of diabetes and obesity. Spelt contains the so called slow carbohydrates causing the blood sugar to rise only a limited extent. The nutrients are gradually absorbed by the body. This explains why you feel satisfied for a long time after eating spelt bread.

Other products
At the health food store are many other spelt products available. There is pasta, biscuits and flour made of spelt. Ideal for people who are on a diet because of the great influence on the insulin level.

With spelt flour you can replace the normal white flour. For example, to bake your own pancakes, pizzas and cookies. How can one sin better than with a delicious healthy alternative? There are many recipes to be found online.

Pay attention
When the switch to spelt is made, you must pay attention when you buy a spelt bread or other spelt product. Often, the spelt is mixed with wheat or other cereal so not the desired health effect is achieved. Always ask for a moment at the supermarket or the bakery if wheat is processed, because that's not the intention. A loaf of bread, partly made of spelt if more healthy than a slice of bread from only wheat. But of course 100% spelt bread is preferred.

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