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This is why you don't lose weight, despite exercising

Posted: Fri Nov 25, 2016 6:28 am
by UpperDiet
Nothing is more frustrating than gaining weight or staying at the same weight when you are trying hard to lose weight. Especially when you have the idea that you are doing everything you can. You stick to your diet and your sports schedules. A common complaint from people who want to lose weight is that they exercise a lot but still don't lose weight. Here are several reasons for this.

It may be that you are eating still too many calories. A common problem is that many people snack more after exercising because they believe that they deserved it by exercising. You should calculate your BMR so you know exactly how many calories you should eat to lose weight. The BMR can also go down because of the amount of weight you have already lost. When you lose weight, you need less calories!

When you exercise a lot, it may well be that fat is converted into muscle. Muscle mass weighs heavier than fat which can make the number on the scale rise. Therefore it is better for you not to stare at the scales, but also to look at how the clothing is blind. A good alternative to the scale is measuring the body contours. So you can clearly track your lost inches! Keep in mind that it is health we want, not a smaller number on the scale!

Perseverance wins. It may be that the number on the scale is at a standstill. However, muscles burn more calories than fat, so over time you will naturally lose weight again. It is the key to not lose your motivation and falling into a vicious circle. Remember, when more calories are burned than consumed, it may be inevitable that you'll eventually lose weight!