Why do men lose weight faster than women?

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Why do men lose weight faster than women?

Post by UpperDiet » Fri Nov 25, 2016 6:27 am

Men are less likely to gain weight than women and it is also easier for man to lose weight. When a couple goes on a diet and eat exactly the same amount of calories, and they both exercise the same amount, the man will probably lose more weight than the woman. The reasons are both physically and psychologically. On the physical aspect, sadly little can be changed.

Physical aspect
Men can eat more than women without gaining weight. This has several causes. Thus, men have more muscle mass while women have more fat mass. This enables women to carry a child for nine months. It has to do with the amount of hormones in the body. Men have more testosterone that leads to bigger muscles and a low amount of fat, while women have more estrogen. Muscle mass burns more calories than fat. Moreover, men are generally taller than women. It also ensures that the male body has a higher caloric needs. Because men are taller, they are usually also heavier. They therefore carry more weight with them and thus burn much more calories with their daily activities than women. For the same reason obese people need more calories than people with a healthy weight. This is because the fat has to be 'fed'. The metabolism of the man is generally logically much higher.

Psychological aspect
Research has shown that men set more realistic goals than women when it comes to losing weight. Where women preferably lose all the excess pounds within one month, men take a more realistic deadline. This also contributes to the prevention of disappointments and hitting into a negative spiral. Men are also more likely to find a solution. When they gain a few pounds, he will want to improve this quickly.

In addition, women are in most households still responsible for the food. She does the shopping and cooking, and that determines what will be placed on the table. She is responsible for organizing social gatherings and thus a higher risk of poor eating habits that are thus associated. Thus, the woman must taste the food before and during cooking. Women also generally have more free time and more time to eat and fewer distractions like work.

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