What is the best time to eat fruit?

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What is the best time to eat fruit?

Post by UpperDiet » Fri Nov 25, 2016 6:26 am

Fruit is naturally healthy, but at what time of day it is best to eat fruit? According to one nutritionist fruit can better be eaten on an empty stomach, another nutritionist tells that fruit can better be eaten after meals. Then you read again that you should eat fruit before exercising, and the next day you read that fruit should be eaten after exercising. According to others, you should never combine fruit with other foods. In this article you can read when the ideal time to eat fruit.

After getting up
Fruit contains a lot of fructose. This sugar is quickly stored as fat when the reserves of glycogen in the liver are filled. When getting up, the body has been given no nutrients during the night. This means that the amount of glycogen in the liver, the so-called blood sugar levels, is also low. This is an ideal time for a piece of fruit. Reservations can be completed as quickly and fructose is not stored as fat but immediately consumed.

Before or after exercise
While exercising the reserves of the body are used. First the superficial stored reserves and then the long-term reserves stored as fat. It is wise to eat a piece of fruit shortly before or after exercising. The sugars are consumed directly, and the fructose is not converted to fat tissue.

Eat breakfast like a king!
Many studies have already shown that it is best to eat a big breakfast in the morning and a small lunch and dinner. Thus, the body has energy throughout the day. Research also shows that fewer snacks are eaten when you start the day with a large breakfast. This will make you lose weight faster. Eating fruit in the morning fits perfectly within a king's breakfast.

Bloated feeling after eating fruit?
Some people get a bloated feeling after eating fruit. There can be a connection between this feeling and the time of day that the fruit is consumed. In an empty stomach, the fruit is rapidly digested and will leave the stomach quickly. If you have a bloated feeling quickly, it is best to eat fruit when your stomach is empty. The perfect time for this is off course with breakfast. Namely fruit digests very quickly compared to other foods. Therefore is is best that you eat fruit before the rest of the meal. If you first consume meat, the fruit will be in your digestion system for a long time! It is difficult to determine when the stomach is empty, this varies by individual and depends on the metabolism.

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