Popcorn is the healthy version of crisps!

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Popcorn is the healthy version of crisps!

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When you are on a diet, sometimes there is just the need for a treat. The snacking later in the evening, while watching a movie, can be easily replaced by a bowl of popcorn. Popcorn is puffed corn. By heating the corn steam is created in the corn grain. Popcorn is the healthy version of crisps!

Nutritive value
Popcorn is high in fiber and antioxidants. Thus, the popcorn, in contrast to most of the snacks, is very healthy. Advantage of popcorn is that the amount of 100 grams seems like a lot. You can easily finish a bag of crisps of 200 grams before the movie ends. The popcorn takes a lot more space and it seems like a lot more. You will have the feeling of being full sooner and probably eat less. In addition, it also contains less calories. 100 grams of popcorn contains around 400 calories.

Additions and preparation
Popcorn by itself is tasty and healthy and can safely be eaten during a diet. The problem is not the popcorn itself, but the additives. There are people who mix butter and sugar in their popcorn, this is obviously very unhealthy. It is best to consume pure popcorn. Then you also get no unnecessary calories from sugar or butter. To have a good taste you can add some salt. Not too much because to much salt is unhealthy.

In the supermarket you can buy microwave popcorn which you can make in the microwave itself. Of course you can buy corn and make the popcorn yourself, using a pan, (olive) oil and salt. The corn can be put in a single layer on the bottom of the pan. More than a single layer will result in a kitchen filled with popcorn, so don't use too much. Make sure the pan you use is large enough, otherwise you will burn a lot of calories with cleaning up the popcorn in every corner of the kitchen. Stay in the kitchen during cooking. Popcorn burns very quickly, eating burnt popcorn is very injurious to health!

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