Is cheese healthy?

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Is cheese healthy?

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Cheese is one of the most commonly eaten foods. It can be eaten for every meal and even as a snack. Delicious on a sandwich or panini, but also on a pizza or pasta. It is easy to combine cheese. But how healthy is cheese? Many people do not know the difference between different kinds of cheese. What do the numbers on cheese mean? On the package of cheese you can read whether it is 20+, 30+ or 48+ cheese. But what does this mean? A common misconception is that 48+ cheese is always young cheese and 30+ cheese always old. In this article, we examine whether cheese is healthy.

Fat content of cheese
There are many different types of cheese. Many people do not know what the 20+ or 40+ on a package means. But when you want to lose weight, it is very important to know the difference and take this into account. Because the numbers on cheese indicate the amount of fat in the cheese. It shows us the amount of fat of the dry matter in cheese, so the moisture free area. The higher the number, the higher the fat content of the cheese. During a diet, you can choose the best for 10+, 20+ or 30+ cheese. Fatter cheese is often called tastier, but the amount of fat is high.

Nutritional value of cheese
Cheese is an excellent source of calcium, protein and vitamins. Additionally cheese actually contains very little nutrients and it is especially nice. The fat and salt content is very different for each cheese. So it is advisable to take good look at the packaging and thus to assess whether the cheese is or is not appropriate for your diet. Cottage cheese is a delicious and healthy low fat cheese. Cheeses such as brie contains a lot of fat.

Cheese is not suitable for a vegetarian diet!
In general, cheese is not suitable for a vegetarian diet. For making cheese, the rennet from the stomach of slaughtered calves is used to thicken the cheese. Many people are not aware of this. Fortunately, there are alternatives. There are certain brands which offer vegetarian cheese. Also on the market you can always ask for vegetarian cheese, which they usually have. The disadvantage is that these vegetarian cheeses contain a lot of fat. This is because the cheese has not undergone all kinds of processes. This does mean that you should not eat to much cheese.

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