Laxatives can cause death

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Laxatives can cause death

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Poor diet can cause constipation. For some people their diet is not the cause of constipation. They can have lazy intestines. Certain medicines have constipation as a side effect. Almost everyone uses a laxative at some time in their life. It is a common remedy for constipation. They are available in different variants. But what are the risks of using? Will you eventually develop lazy intestines?

What is constipation?
Constipation is a condition which we speak of when you can not go to the toilet as much as you can usually go. One person will be constipated if he didn't go to the toilet ones day. For another person going to the toilet ones in 3 days is normal. Constipation can give a lot of complaints. The most common symptoms are nausea, abdominal pain, cramps, bloating, abdominal distension, vomiting and loss of appetite.

Different laxatives
There are actually three types of laxatives. The most famous are the laxatives with the active ingredient bisacodyl. These are readily available in lots of stores. This variant has a direct effect on the intestines. It promotes the functioning of the intestines.

There are also the so-called osmotic laxatives. They contain a certain substance that will make sure that fluid in the intestines is attracted. The volume of stool is present as larger which makes it easier for the intestines to do their work.

In addition there are bulking laxatives. These retain moisture and increase as the volume of stool in the intestines. An example of such laxatives is Movicolon.

Rarely use of laxatives
A rarely use of laxatives brings virtually no risks. You can experience common side effects such as diarrhea, cramps etc.

Regular use of laxatives
The regular use of laxatives can create dependence on the laxatives. Therefore it can happen that you can not use the toilet without ltaking axatives. If you suffer from recurring constipation, there is probably a reason. So it is advisable to stop by, by the doctor. He will be able to advise you further. Regular use of laxatives give a risk of addiction.

Risks of daily use of laxatives
With daily use, the intestines eventually stop working. The intestines will get used to the laxatives and they will no longer function in a normal way, without titillation. These are lazy intestines. This may be a result that can persist lifelong.

Moreover, daily use also causes a deficiency of vitamins and minerals. Relief is rapidly excreted by the body, leaving no time to process the beneficial nutrients.

Due to the large water loss, you may also have a potassium deficiency. This can lead to serious arrhythmias. It is a common cause of death in boulimic.

Laxatives should never be used for a longer period of time! An exception are the laxatives as Movicolon. This bulking laxatives are usually prescribed by the doctor to prolonged severe constipation. They basically have the same effect as eating plenty of fiber rich foods. For example bran. Bran also take a lot of moisture which promotes bowel movement.

Eating disorders and laxatives
Individuals with an eating disorder often abuse laxatives. Due to the large water loss, it will look like you have lost weight. However, this is not the case. When the level of fluid in your body is returned to normal, you will find that you have lost no weight in reality. Laxatives certainly not help with weight loss!

Only take a laxative if you really are constipated. The use of laxatives in the long-term can have very unpleasant consequences and in exceptional cases even lead to death.

Laxatives do not help losing weight! Read the package leaflet before taking laxatives. And keep in mind that you have a toilet nearby the next day and you can suffer from cramps and diarrhea. Do you find yourself reaching increasingly for laxatives? Then go to doctor and discover the cause of the blockage.

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