Will fruit make you fat?

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Will fruit make you fat?

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Fruit is healthy, it contains a lot of fiber, vitamins and minerals and it has relatively few calories. It is recommended to eat at least two servings of fruit per day, It is the ideal snack for sweet cravings. Yet a lot of people seem to think that fruit is not as healthy as we like to believe. They say that fruit contains a lot of fruit sugar, fructose. Besides fructose, fruit also contains glucose. Both are simple sugars, quickly stored as fat. Will the sugars in fruit make you fat?

Fructose stored as fat
Fructose is converted by the liver, so it can be used as fuel. The liver always has a certain amount of energy saved. When this reserve is empty, the fructose fill this reserve. However, when the liver has enough reserves, the fructose will be stored by the body as fat. Therefore it is also important at what time of day fruit can be the best.

Too much fructose is harmful
An excessive amount of fructose may have harmful side effects. Research has shown that the risk of health problems increases greatly when too much fructose is eaten. A quantity of 78 grams of fructose per day provides an increase in the risk of health of 87 percent. But don’t be afraid. 78 grams of fructose equals about 10 apples or 30 oranges.

Fruit is low in calories
Fruit generally contains few calories. Avocados have the most calories, 170 per serving. An apple contains about 60 calories and a banana about 90 calories each. Compared to a candy bar, fruit contains very little calories but are sweet.

Fruit remains a healthy choice
Fruit is always a healthy choice. But too much is never good. So enjoy two pieces of fruit a day but do not eat too much. Especially if you consume a lot of other sugary foods. Of course you will be fat when you eat too much fruit. That is the case with all food. The main rule is that if you eat more than your body needs, you will gain weight. Whether calories come from healthy foods like fruits and vegetables or whether they come from junk food that makes no difference for arrival. Fruit is always a healthier choice than a chocolate bar or cake because fruit also contains a lot of vitamins and minerals which will make your body healthy.

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