Why is losing weight more difficult over time?

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Why is losing weight more difficult over time?

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Anyone who has ever sustained a diet for some time, will know the drill. Over time, the weight loss is more difficult. Even though when you have not changed your eating habits and still work out as much as you did before. Fortunately, here are some simple explanations!

It could be possible that you got more muscle and the amount of fat in your body is reduced. This happens especially when you both, work out and stick to a diet. Muscle weighs more than fat! If you want to measure this you need a special scale, often they have this also at the gym. You can also take your measurements in inches before you start your diet. You will probably find that you lose inches while your weight stays the same or even increases. This is all due to the gain of muscles and the loss of fat.

You eat too much
Maybe you are still eating the same amount of calories as when you started dieting? In the meantime, however, you've already lost pounds. Each pound, doesn't matter if it's fat or muscle, burns calories during the day. So if you loose a few pounds, you can actually eat less. Your body needs less calories. So if you keep eating the same amount as before, losing weight will slow down and eventually stop. It is therefore necessary to calculate your daily calorie needs again and then adjust your diet!

You eat too little
There are many people who claim that the body will go into power saving when you eat too little. Over time this theory has never been proven. It is much more likely that you simply eat too much or not losing weight because your muscles grow. Instead of standing on the scale, you should measure your inches.

Change your routine!
Train other muscle groups, leave the carbs for a few days. Go on a fruit and veggie diet for a few days! It can help to ensure that you will start losing weight again! When you eat less than your body uses, you will lose weight eventually. The steady wins the race.

When you stop losing weight but stick to your diet and work out, there are multiple explanations. But keep on going, you will eventually start losing weight again if you eat less than you consume.

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