What makes mint tea healthy?

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What makes mint tea healthy?

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Tea contains theine. This is actually the same as caffeine. Mint tea doesn't have this theine, and is therefore not strictly true tea. Yet it is common to call it tea, and it is made the same way as any other tea. Just some freshly boiled water with fresh herbs. But what makes mint tea so healthy? Traditionally, mint has been used against many ailments. What are the medicinal properties of the herb?

Nutritive value
Mint hardly contains any calories. Mint tea is therefore an ideal drink during a diet. It does not contain caffeine (or theine), thereby it can also be consumed during detox diets.

Mint against nausea
Mint works great for nausea. This is also the reason that many types of chewing gum and breath mints have the flavor of mint. It will make the nausea go away. People who suffer from nausea while traveling would do well to carry a bottle of fresh mint with them. The smell alone can help combat the nausea. Mint can be very helpfull, also for pregnant women.

Mint against headache
When you are suffering from a headache, mint can have a healing effect. Currency does not protect against all types of headaches, but is definitely worth a try. If you suffer from headaches, you can rub some fresh mint on your forehead.

Mint and digestion
Mint has a positive effect on the stomach and digestive system. Is your stomach upset? Then it is highly advisable to drink mint tea. Also when you have a lot of intestinal gas, mint is a good remedy. The same applies if you have a smelly breath.

Mint and excessive hair
There are many women who suffer from excessive hair grow over their body. Research has shown that drinking two cups of mint tea every day significantly reduce the amount of hair. It is also claimed that mint can contribute to a beautiful skin. Especially if you suffer from fatty skin, mint tea has positive effects.

Where to buy mint?
Mint is available in almost every supermarket. You can also grow mint yourself at home. Then you always have fresh mint in the house. Advantage of mint is that it is inexpensive.

How to make mint tea?
Like any other kind of tea you can just boil water. With two or three fresh mint leaves in boiled water the smell and taste of mint come right off. Do you want sweet tea? Do not use sugar but use honey. That's a lot healthier.

Besides mint tea, you can do many other things with mint. In salads, desserts or other dishes it is very tasteful.

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