What causes binge eating?

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What causes binge eating?

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12 percent of people have ever suffered from binge eating. We speak of a binge when someone eat more calories than what is 'normal' for that person or compared to others in a short amount of time. It is not about one packet of biscuits but eating up to 10.000 calories in a short time. This is usually over a period of less than 2 hours. However, some suffer from binge eating that can last for days. But what are the causes of binge eating?

Binge eating can have lots of causes. It is not always possible to identify one cause because there often are multiple causes that reinforce each other causing the binges to occur. The most known cause of binge eating is trying to 'eat away' emotions, for example because you feel a certain inner emptiness. Everyone react to bad feelings in a different way. One person can handle them well, he or she recognizes that feelings are temporary and talks about it with others. For others, this is more difficult, some turn to drugs, alcohol, bad behavior and constant gaming or working and others turn to eating. A binge will make you temporarily feel better. However, this is only of very short duration. After the binge one feels often failed, and one is even more sad than before the binge. In the fight against binges it is important to realize this.

Solution for this type of binge eating is to learn to deal with your emotions. Share your emotions with others and talk about it. Try to look for another way to deal with your emotions! For example, take a long walk to think about everything.

Stress is an important cause of binge eating. It is actually a form of emotion-eating. Food provides a peaceful feeling in times of stress. In stressful periods it is perhaps the only time when you feel a little rest. Usually, therefore people who are binge eating because of stress eat to much during the day, thoughtless and without chewing properly.

Too strict diets
The secret binge eater is bingeing because of a too strict diet that they are trying to follow. In front of others they eat only healthy and they deny themself all that is unhealthy. They follow a strict diet and rarely eat junk food, chips, crisps, chocolate or other unhealthy food in front of others. This strict diet leads them to bingeing once in a while.

The secret binge eater often lives in secret. No one knows of his or her problem because there is a great shame.

Solution for this kind of binge eating is not to follow a very strict diet but to treat yourself every now and then with something delicious and unhealthy. Try not to compensate for binge eating but follow a diet with adequate nutrition.

There are also many people who suffer from binge eating out of boredom. When one has nothing to do but sitting, it is very tempting to eat.

A solution for eating out of boredom is to ensure that you have something to do. Make appointments with people outdoors or find another distraction. For example, go read a good book or watch a good movie. Doing fun things and eating should be seen separately.

It also happens that people are overeating unnoticed throughout the day. This happens a lot to people who are at home all day, such as housewives or people who work at home. They sometimes think that they are eating little by not eating breakfast, lunch or dinner. Instead they snack almost throughout the whole day.

Factors that are not affected
There are also factors that are not influenced. For example, several studies have shown that having an eating disorder is partly dependent on genetic factors. In addition, also your personality can make you suffer from binge eating. Highly sensitive and impulsive people, for instance, suffer from emotional eating more often. Also perfectionists suffer more often from the secret eating. Other studies showed that people with anorexia often suffer from perfectionism.

Binge eating can have lots of causes. It is not always possible to identify one cause because there often are multiple causes that reinforce each other causing the binges to occur.

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How to prevent binge eating

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It is the nightmare of almost every woman and the pitfall of every diet. NEarly everyone has suffered from binge eating. It means that you eat a large number of calories through mostly unhealthy food, in a small period of time. Then you will feel the burden of guilt which can make you enter a negative spiral of binge eating and depression. It is helpful to learn how you can avoid bingeing.

Some scientists say that binges are a result of the mental state of a person. Others claim that it has to do with the blood sugar levels of the body. Others call it a kind of addiction. There isn't an obvious cause. Fortunately, for the solution it doesn't have to matter what causes your binge eating. The solution lies in preventing binge eating.

Tips to avoid binges
Binge eating can be prevented by eating regularly. That means you should eat something every 2 to 3 hours during the day. This ensures that the blood sugar level remains the same during the day, and the body thus has no need of sugars and binge eating. The advantage is that this will also boost your metabolism.

Too often when one start eating a snack, it means that the package will be finished shortly after. A solution for this problem is to only snack when you are around other people. With others it is much easier to moderate and you will not soon end up eating the whole roll of cookies. Avoid snacking alone. Thoughts as it is already ruined, can trigger a binge. Without food near you, the binge easier to control. A trip to the grocery store is larger than a trip to your own pantry. So just don't buy unhealthy snacks!

Provide adequate distraction. Boredom is a major cause of obesity. If one has nothing to do, it is all too easy to walk to the kitchen and eat. Go play a game, read a book, or even better, go workout!

If you still can not avoid the binge then enjoy what you eat, eat slowly and deliberately. In a binge one doesn't really appreciates the food. Instead during a binge the food will be eaten as soon as possible without even tasting. It is better to indulge in any case, those delicious things, so eat slowly and chew slowly. For example, take a sip of water between every bite or chew at least 5 times before swallowing. This also has the added advantage that there will be a feeling of fullness and therefore you will probably eat less.

Eat only when you have done something else. For example, go walking for 60 minutes. Usually after this time you realised that you much prefer to stick to your diet!

It is important to understand when you binge. Do you do it when you are bored? When you have your period? When you know you are vulnerable for a binge, you can make sure that you are not alone and make arrangements with friends and family. Situations which often prevents binge can be avoided with a little practice.

Keep a food diary. Write down what you have eaten. It is a good motivation to follow the diet and not to fall into a binge. This is only useful when you are keeping your food diary very exact. It may be an additional incentive if someone reads your food diary. The feeling of shame will ensure that nothing unhealthy will be eaten. Ask your boyfriend or husband every now and again to take a look!

Drink plenty of water! Brains don't know the difference between hunger and thirst. Moreover, water creates a feeling of fullness so that the need for something tasty decreases.

Stop looking for excuses to eat. There is celebration, like someone's birthday, every week. This is not an excuse to eat.

Do you feel a binge coming? Go chew gum, brush your teeth or eat tasty vegetables.

It is important that you keep your goal in mind! Want to lose weight? A little gift for yourself at each milestone or a nice piece of clothing in a size smaller can help enormously. These are good incentives that motivate people to lose weight. With enough motivation binges can be tamed.

As a last resort, one on the box of cookies or a jar of peanut butter sticking post-it with the question: 'Are you sure?' Or if necessary 'You are fat'. This prevents inconsiderate eating!

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