Why can men eat more than women without getting fat?

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Why can men eat more than women without getting fat?

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The daily energy need recommended for men is an average of 2500 calories per day. For women, the advice is to eat less than 2000 calories a day. Quite a big difference! Often you do notice around you that men generally eat more than women. An extra sandwich, or an extra spoon at dinner. Men usually eat more than women. But why is this? Why do men consume more calories than women? Without getting fat?

More muscle
Men naturally have more muscle mass than women. Women have about 10% more fat than men. That is understandable. The body of the woman needs a fat reserve because it is the duty of the woman to carry a child. The fat stored in the body will make sure that the baby will have enough to eat and will be born healthy.

Muscles burn more calories than fat. This means that the metabolism of men at rest is a lot higher than the metabolism of women in peace.

Men are often longer and heavier
In addition, men are also a longer than women. Often they are still several pounds heavier than women and those extra pounds will make a man have a higher energy request.

Can a woman have higher calorie needs than a man?
It depends entirely on the physique. A man and woman of exactly the same weight and the same amount of fat therefore have the same energy need. A woman with a lot of muscles may well have a higher energy need than a man with little muscle tissue!

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