Does coffee has a diuretic affect?

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Does coffee has a diuretic affect?

Post by UpperDiet » Thu Nov 24, 2016 3:09 pm

Many people are convinced that coffee has a diuretic effect. Too much coffee will lead to a lack of fluid in the body. However, this theory is incorrect. Coffee does not have a diuretic effect. This misunderstanding however, comes from a good theory. Indeed, it is true that coffee leaves the body faster than other beverages. This means that after drinking coffee, you will have to visit the bathroom more quickly than after drinking another beverage. But this does not mean that you lose more moisture, you lose it only in a shorter time. There are no negative consequences for the effect on the total amount of fluid in the body.

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The effect of coffee on exercising and dieting

Post by UpperDiet » Thu Nov 24, 2016 3:13 pm

Coffee has many pros and cons. There are many conflicting studies published. The conclusion is either that coffee is healthy or that coffee is unhealthy. This largely depends on the subject of the study. The trend remains that coffee in moderation is healthy. But what is the effect of coffee on sports? Does it improve athletic performance? Do the muscles restore faster? There must be a reason that caffeine was on the doping list at the Olympics untill 2004.

Coffee in itself of course has little effect on athletic performance. It is the caffeine in coffee that brings many effects with it.

Caffeine and endurance
Caffeine has a positive effect on endurance. This has emerged in several studies among athletes. Higher stamina means faster and better results during exercise.

Caffeine improves athletic performance
Caffeine has other important effects which contribute to improved athletic performance. For example, it stimulates the respiratory. Coffee drinkers have more air in their lungs. This ensures that the capacity of the lungs is better utilized.

Caffeine causes the muscle tension to increase. This can have a positive effect on athletic performance. The same applies to the increased alertness and an increased level of stress.

Losing weight
Another effect of caffeine is that it stimulates the release of energy from fat which is stored in the body.

Caffeine and fluid balance
A common argument for not drinking coffee is that it would have a diuretic effect. It has been proven in several studies that this is not the case. The fluid leaves the body more quickly, but the body certainly doesn't lose more moisture.

Caffeine and muscle pain
Coffee has a beneficial effect on muscle pain. Especially drinking coffee before exercise reduced muscle soreness. In one study, the amount of muscle pain measured on people, by drinking of coffee fell by almost 50%.

The effect of coffee on sports is good!

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Coffee in moderation is healthy

Post by UpperDiet » Thu Nov 24, 2016 3:16 pm

On average, we drink about 3 to 4 cups of coffee a day. That equates to an amount of 7 pounds per person, every year. For many people, the day begins with a cup of coffee. Whether coffee is healthy, and especially the caffeine in coffee, is the subject of many conflicting studies. According to some studies, coffee is healthy, other studies contradict this. Coffee has advantages and disadvantages. It has a different effect on everyone and on every illness.

Nutritive value
Coffee hardly contains any calories. Many people drink coffee with sugar and/or milk. This can make coffee unhealthy. The milk and sugar contains a lot of useless calories.

In addition, coffee contains a lot of caffeine. This has an uplifting effect which will make you feel less tired and give you a better concentration. The stimulating effect also suppresses the appetite. Because coffee also stimulates the metabolism, it can be a good tool while losing weight.

There are people who are addicted to coffee. Stopping with drinking coffee can also bring withdrawal phenomena. Headache, fatigue and vibration are common complaints.

Health Benefits of Coffee
The health benefits of coffee are diverse. It can reduce the symptoms of asthma and it can help with weight loss. It also protects against heart disease and cancer. However, coffee is often described as an unhealthy drink. That's because the above benefits are far outweighed by the disadvantages that arise when a person drinks too much coffee.

The disadvantage of coffee
Too much coffee can disrupt sleep. It can also bring stress and palpitations with it.

Does coffee have a diuretic effect?
Many people think that coffee has a diuretic effect. However, this is incorrect. Coffee will make sure that fluid will leave the body faster. This is because the caffeine in coffee stimulates the kidneys. You don't lose more fluid by drinking coffee.

Is coffee healthy?
Coffee is healthy, but only if it is limited to 2 to 3 cups of coffee per day.

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Coffee contributes to weight loss

Post by UpperDiet » Fri Nov 25, 2016 7:03 am

Many people think that coffee has a diuretic effect. However, this has never been proven. Extensive research has shown that drinking five cups of coffee a day doesn't have a negative impact on the water balance of the body. However, due to the large amount of caffeine in coffee, there is a faster processing of fluid through the body. This means that when you drink coffee you will have to pie quickly. But it certainly does not affect the water balance of our body. The question remains whether coffee helps with weight loss.

By far the most well-known effect of the caffeine in coffee is the alertness that occurs after drinking it. This responsiveness is due to proteins that are broken down in the muscles, of which energy is made. Caffeine increases the level of cortisol, the hormone will not only make you more alert, but it also makes the fat reserves in the body to be used. For some people, this means that they feel like snacking all day, which will lead to a higher weight. But this is individual.

Coffee increases the metabolism. As a result, the body burns more calories at rest and one will lose weight. Coffee also causes the blood sugars to remain constant during the day so that people experience less hunger. Also coffee improves performance in sports. This contributes to more burned calories with sports.

Obviously it is important how you drink your coffee. Lots of sugar and milk are not wise while losing weight.

Green coffee
The new hype that has grown up around coffee and green tea as a weight-loss supplement is green coffee. The creators of this claim that by drinking one cup a day weight and BMI decreases by 10 % and muscle mass increases by 10 %. This has been a remarkable data because BMI and weight are two entirely different things. One can never say that you lose both at 10 %. It seems that this is a product that is marketed for people who spend a lot of money on incorrect diet products in the hope of losing weight without actually doing something. Unfortunately, losing weight is not that easy. Also coffee has only a small effect. It's always about a healthy diet and adequate exercising.

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