What is the best choice of ice cream?

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What is the best choice of ice cream?

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With hot weather, ice cream is delicious. Unfortunately ice cream doesn't contain a lot of nutrients and it is high in calories. Fortunately, you can choose for a relatively healthy ice cream. Enjoy it every day without guilt!

Water ice cream
The best choice when it comes to ice is water ice cream. That's because they do not contain cream and milk. Most of the time they are made of water, fruit and sugar. Thus, they provide few calories. On average, a water-ice contains about 50 calories each.

The ingredients of sorbet ice cream are water and fruit sorbet. Originally, sorbet is made ​​by adding fruit juice to frozen water. Nowadays sorbet are also sometimes processed with a little cream. A scoop of sorbet ice cream contains about 50 calories.

Frozen yogurt has become very popular. In nearly every city there is a store selling frozen yogurt. It contains relatively few calories but still more than water ice cream or sorbet ice cream. A scoop of yogurt contains about 70 calories.

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